A relaxing oasis of calm only 15 minutes from the Junction 25 on the M5.


Holistic treatments with balanced attention given to the whole person and not just the symptoms present. Using 30 years of experience I draw upon a wealth of resources and knowledge, enabling you to opt for a tailor-made treatment programme, or you can simply choose, a treatment from this brochure.


Facial treatments are a specialty. combining pure organic ingredients from the Repêchage range of seaweed-based skin care, ensuring the best possible results. From teenage problematic skin, through to issues encountered with the menopause and ageing process, the skin can be helped considerably with a Repêchage Facial.


Working on a physical, emotional, and energetic level, with many forms of massage, including La Stone and Aromatherapy. I can combine the treatments with Reiki Healing if required, and workshops are also available.


If you require any advice, I will be happy to help.

Stone Mortar and Pestle


60 Minutes £85.00

Using specifically blended essential oils specifically chosen for the individual, this is a deeply relaxing massage, including work on pressure points. The accent is on rebalancing and regenerating the mind and body, to ensure a beautiful de-stressing experience. Allow 90 minutes – To include consultation and plenty of time to relax afterwards.



30 Minutes  £42.00

60 Minutes  £78.00

Using pure organic oils for total relaxation. All massage therapies include the scalp, and Reiki can be given if needed. Extra time is allowed either side of the treatment for consultation and relaxation.

La Stone

90 Minutes £95.00

The original hot stone treatment from Arizona uses the balance of deeply penetrating hot basalt stones, combined with the cool contrast of chilled marble and jade to deliver warmth and energy.

Experience deep massage using different shaped and warmed stones, which effectively ease muscle tension, while expertly placed cool marble helps to remove toxins from the body and improve the circulation.

One stroke with a warm stone is the equivalent in depth of ten traditional massage strokes, so after a LaStone treatment you will emerge energised and uplifted. This amazing treatment can help with many ailments and, combined with Native American Indian energy techniques, it can take you to a different level within the massage that you will remember forever!




Repêchage is a totally natural skin and body care system, based on seaweed. I have had the privilege of working with this range for facials and body treatments since it was launched in the UK in 1994.

These specialist products, based on pure seaweed concentrations, contain the finest ingredients to treat even the most sensitive skin and the results are truly amazing.

The ageing process is delayed due to the high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which stimulate the skin’s own defence against pollution. This minimises the formation of lines and wrinkles, by stimulating collagen growth and reducing free radical damage. Repechage products contain no artificial ingredients, and so ensuring a reduced risk of sensitivity.

They are Paraben free, and eco-certified. You can relax knowing that they are professionally prescribed.

Facials from Repechage can be chosen to cleanse and remove impurities such as blocked pores and blackheads, while others address the ageing process, hydration levels and pigmentation. Even Rosacea and sensitivity can be treated.

All Facials include an eyebrow tidy, plus a scalp and hand massage. Allow 90 minutes from arrival. These treatments are never rushed. One-to-one attention at all times.

75 Minutes of treatment time:  £85.00 – £125.00

Reiki Healing

45 Minutes £55.00

The ancient art of Usui Reiki is a form of healing which allows you to draw the energy you need at that moment in time, to rebalance and calm the body mind and spirit.

A Reiki treatment is received fully clothed. The Universal Energy that is Reiki is channeled through the hands of the practitioner while they move around your body. It can help transmute aches, pains and illnesses while encouraging deep relaxation.

Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment promoting healing on all levels. It can also be received with massage, facials, aromatherapy and LaStone.