A Lesson in How to Receive Massage

I had an interesting conversation with my massage therapist the other day of how long it takes for new clients to really ‘receive’ a massage. We just take it for granted as therapists that a client will know what to do. When I completed my training back in the 80s, we had no extra information other than how to prepare the couch and the room. There was no guidance on breath, how to be mindful, and how to ‘allow’ yourself as a client to receive a massage. How things have changed.

I have seen many new massage therapies come in to the UK.

We are more travelled and are able to experience different techniques. In my day, no one had tried thai massage and Lomi Lomi was not even heard of. Now we have a plethora of techniques and combinations to choose from, but all are worthless if the client isn’t ‘present’ during the treatment.

Years ago I received amazing treatments from Ben Barnett who used a fabulous guided meditation technique during his massage therapy ensuring you were fully aware and present. Aware of how your body felt and how that related to emotional imbalances. It allowed you to really focus.

You will find a therapist to suit you, but you need to know how to get the most from your treatment. The therapist may be the best ever, but unless you are in the right ‘space’ you won’t get value for money.


Top Tips:

Arrive a little early. Have a wee! Wear clothes you can easily remove – there’s nothing worse after a treatment having to grapple with tights and  hundreds of layers.

Don’t worry about your hair! That’s hair on your head as well as your body! A good therapist will need to massage your scalp, but we don’t pour a bottle of oil over it on purpose. Inevitably there will be a little oil in your nape, which can travel along the hair shaft. Yes, you may look a little dishevelled, but we try not to make you look like you have dragged through a hedge backwards. Scalp massage is so important in many therapies, relieving such a lot of tension as well as hitting all the acupuncture points that can really help rebalance the body. If you spend the whole time worrying about what your hair is going to look like, you won’t enjoy the treatment. So, if you do have to go shopping afterwards, tell your therapist!

Body hair is always an interesting issue.