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An update in the world of mental health

A little update is in order as a few clients have been asking how my brother is getting on. The brief answer is, he is doing very well indeed. Better than we could have imagined! He moved to his new flat three weeks ago and after a period of adjustment, he has begun to settle in really well. Less talk of his old flat, and more talk of it being part of his memories there rather than being upset that he ‘lost it’. He didn’t actually lose it, we just worked really hard to have him moved somewhere that he could get the care he needs.

It’s been a busy few months.

Having had a truly upsetting psychotic episode earlier in the year that led to a hospital stay under the Mental Health Act, and then time in a rehab type ward while we could find him somewhere more suitable to live, we now have him somewhere safe, warm and with onsite care if he needs it.

How things change

He has gone from not eating and leaving the ward quite underweight, to now happily eating three meals a day. He may decide to eat his breakfast of Wheatabix in the evening, and have burger and chips at 10am, but who are we to say t

hat’s wrong? It’s like he lives in a jet lag mode. He is getting to grips with his new routine but still needs to be reminded to take a shower. We are getting there! He has even used the hoover and empties his bin. Getting into a new routine is part of the process.

Food preparation may take some work though.

I bought him a wok, and he has cooked his own stir fry. He still forgets how to put the oven on for a pizza, and would happily put it in the microwave. I have to watch sell by dates, and text to remind him to eat things before they go off. He did purchase frozen beef burgers, allowed them to defrost in the fridge for 10 days thinking he could still cook them. I had to sneak them out! The washing machine is still an alien beast with me putting the washing in, and him forgetting to take it out. Thankfully the team from Mencap who offer the support to the residents, are really on the case. They check on him several times a day.

Patience was something I learnt in the last few months.

It took a lot of work, a great deal of patience and understanding, with a massive amount of manifesting and woo woo dust to get him where he is now. With time, he will be able to continue the next phase of his life, with a clear mind as the psychosis is now regulated with a mild monthly medication. This means he isn’t plagued by thoughts of persecution and paranoia. He is able to walk in to a supermarket without thinking that he’s being watched, and no longer thinks the neighbours are related to the mafia.

It’s partly understanding how his filters work – or not!

The autism is much easier to deal with when you get to know which of his ‘filters’ aren’t in place. He likes to know dates and gets upset if you change times at the last minute. Choosing food from a menu is interesting, with him usually ordering the item he had the last time. So a suggestion is required. He will forget to wash, but remembers his teeth, and he’s a great chess player and is teaching the staff! Mental health is a vast subject, varying so much in each person.

Patience is still needed, but things are so much better now. Seeing him happy and eating is worth all the time and effort.



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