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Another Light Bulb

For those of you who have read my book, you will understand what is meant by a ‘Light Bulb Moment’. Some may call it an ‘Ah ha’ moment…. I like the light bulb analogy as I can see it!


I’ve always had them. Little moments. Until I was in my 30’s, they went pretty much unnoticed, until I looked back on my life as a whole while writing the book, then I realised how many I actually had.  Part of life. Part of growth and very much part of a ‘journey’ if I chose to stop, take a moment and notice them. Little markers that light the way, or sometimes a big kick up the bum that pushed me on to a different track completely. A track that until the timing was right, was actually unseen, and when I found it I wondered why I had never seen it in the first place.

Timing. It’s all about timing. Trusting, allowing, and letting go.

That little phrase ‘LET IT GO’ …. Recently has come to the forefront with the Disney film Frozen. I have to admit that I haven’t seen the film, but I have noticed the power of the words. You don’t actually tell yourself to ‘let go’ in a logical mind connecting way. It just happens. It’s a shift, a light bulb, it’s a sudden realisation that you are feeling different. You have LET IT GO! When you let go, amazing things happen to you deep with your soul.

We are an evolving race. What would be the point of carrying on like hamsters in a wheel? Round and round in the same place with the same things day after day? Standing still is no longer and option. We grow and change. We shed our past and continually move in to the future which is amazing to see. I have such gratitude that I am present on this planet at this moment in time to witness all the changes and shifts that are happening. I have written before about people waking up and beginning to understand the underlying connection we have with the universe. I see people beginning to understand and becoming present during and after treatments with me. Some consciously notice when a shift happens as they are evolved enough to feel it. Others just know that they have had a cold, or feel under the weather and are ‘under par’.  Colds are a natural detox and there have been a lot around this winter, with some people not being able to shake them off. It’s just a cleanse. Nothing new, but people are noticing them more. becoming aware!

There have also been rather a lot of changes in the planets recently. Not my specialty I’m afraid, but if you are on Face Book, connect with Elizabeth Peru. She writes the most amazing eye opening little posts that are easy to understand.

For me, my shifts, and the letting go have have been during treatments. Treatments I have received myself, not treatments I have given! The most powerful was during a treatment with Phil Steward at Hands On Clinic in Braunton that enabled me to move on, LET GO and write chapter six of my recent book.

There is always a shift of some sort when I have  a treatment with Phil, and on Tuesday I had another ‘Light Bulb’ and realised the song by Demi Lavato – Let It Go – was very powerful indeed.

Stop – Listen – Trust

It will LET GO

All by itself.

No conscious effort required.

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