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Are We There Yet? The final chapter!

‘The title for this book came to me quite late on in the writing process. I think it was at least chapter nine or even ten, by the time it did literally ‘come to me’. The title wasn’t there at the concept and I wasn’t able to sit down and write continually over a few months as I have my clients to treat and a house to run, so the whole process from start to finish has taken about ten months. As I wrote, the more everything fell in to place, and as I said in the very first chapter, this book wasn’t consciously channeled, but I did begin to understand why you have to write when you are in the mood, or when some defining event inspires you.

The title eluded me though. People kept asking for it and I had absolutely no idea what to say. Then one day, a new client arrived for healing. I just knew that she was with me for a reason other than just a treatment. I decided, in my head to ‘ask’ during the treatment if there was anything I should know. This was new to me as a healer as I normally go with the flow and I don’t get tied up in the drama of someone’s story. I just ‘do it’.

This was a defining moment. The answer came. Not by a voice telling me, but by me just ‘getting it’ in my head. Sometimes you have to stop trying so hard and trust.’…………. __________________________________________________________ I am very pleased to say that at the time of posting this last excerpt, I received notification from the States that a hard copy proof of the edited book has been dispatched. Perfect timing! So watch this space….. It won’t be long now………..



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