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Are you waxing or waning?

Are you waxing or waning? I used to be very confused by this terminology, then one day it just made sense. A waxing moon in one that is ‘filling up’, as in becoming full. Depicted in your diary and calendar as a white circle. A full-up moon. Then, when it goes past that stage, it starts to wane. It loses its fullness, and will be shown as a more solid black circle. Dark, with a slither of light on the right hand side. There are many websites with the full cycle shown for each month, and great calendars you can purchase.

A moon cycle is 29½ days. It takes that time to circle the earth. The moon affects our tides and the fluid within our bodies. Most of us make the jokes when feeling grumpy or highly charged emotionally, about where the moon is, wanting to lay blame for an emotional outburst or tantrum, but there is evidence that emotions run high at the time of a full moon, especially in women.

It is also said that these phases can be used for different purposes:

New Moon is the aspect of the maiden. This is when you would focus on the potential and manifest things. Start a project, apply for a job, or sow seeds. During this period of the then waxing moon it is perfect for focusing on your external potential and expressing yourself.

The Full Moon has the Mother Aspect that brings emotional peaks, allowing self-expression and root growth. We often ‘draw down’ the energy from a full moon to charge up crystals and amulets.

The Dark Moon has the Crone aspect of the cycle, often being used for wisdom and guidance

 and where meditations can be done to ask for deep guidance from within. This is when we can let go of things that no longer serve us. A dark moon is just before it turns into a new moon. It will be invisible against the sky and can last about 3 days due to no illumination from the sun at all.

The question of ceremony.

What to do in each cycle is an interesting one. Some people really work with the phases of the moon and use them for all sorts of guiding during their meditations and manifesting. Although these times are powerful, you don’t have to wait for them to appear before you set intentions and release old energies. It is believed that working with moon energy will enhance whatever you are doing, but if you feel the need to get outside and enjoy a starry night while giving thanks for being part of such an awesome planet even though the moon isn’t full…… just do it!

Things you remember.

Years ago when I first started working in the beauty industry, a client came to reception saying she was going to have her hair cut that day because the moon was in the ‘right phase’. I thought she was completely bonkers! She was a very ‘earthy’ lady who wore what in those days I would call Glastonbury Clothes. She was a farmer of Angora Sheep. It’s funny the things you remember.  Apparently as she was growing her hair, she would cut it on a NEW MOON as that made it grow faster. She proceeded to tell me about sowing seeds on a new moon and harvesting on a full one.

I guess I have spent more time looking at the moon since moving out to the country where I can watch it from my bedroom window on a clear night. I used to only check on a calendar when there was a full moon so I could put any crystals outside for a little boost of energy, and I always knew if there had been a full moon, as my basalt stones for my LaStone treatments would always be hotter to work with, despite being in a thermostatically controlled water bath. Odd but true.

We are nearing a full moon…. The 16th I believe. So this is the perfect time to reflect inwardly on any of the things you may have already set intentions for.

You don’t have to go outside and set up a ceremony.

You can just be aware of the fullness and the energy that is there for the taking. Some may only notice it when they are actually being kept awake by the light! If you miss it due to cloud cover, don’t worry the energy will still be there, and it’s still ‘useable’ for a day either side too. If it completely passes you by, don’t worry, there’s another one in a months’ time!

So, how do you set up a ceremony?

That’s in the next post!



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