Back to the ageing issue again

So we are back to the issue of ageing again. It seems to come with age. If you see what I mean. It’s not until you get


I really enjoyed my 30s as I was running my salons and building what I thought would be my little empire. I got married in my 30s and moved in to a lovely cottage in the country. I had plans. Five salons by the time I was 40, sell them as a chain and move on. For those of you who have read my book, you will know the story, but the bottom line was that I changed my mind. One of those lightbulb, life changing moments when I wanted to draw the ‘a plan is a basis for change’ card. So I did. I sold up and moved out. Moved with gratitude for having such a great team that enabled me to sell the salons, and with gratitude to my husband, who just went with it!

So, a month before my 40th birthday I found myself here in the countryside doing what I do best. Working one to one with amazing clients in the most beautiful setting. Wayside House was found just at the right time and was the start of a new era. That was nine years ago, and I am approaching the next ‘big’ birthday. For me, I have another year to go and all my friends are reaching this milestone before me. I blame Face Book for telling us when everyone is having a birthday. I turned this notification off on my profile a few years ago for ‘security’ reasons, having been advised that hackers know people use birth dates in passwords. Well, I don’t but I thought it seemed a ‘safe’ thing to do. I used to think it odd that people would post on your timeline to wish you a happy birthday because Face Book had reminded them. I now realise that this is the era we live in and we will get more cyber birthday wishes than we will in real cards. Is that a bad thing? Not really. Times change, but I haven’t set my profile back to tell everyone when I will be …..




It’s not until 2017, but as I get older I don’t mind admitting that I have ‘issues’ with it. It depends on how the hormones are dancing as to how I feel about this looming milestone. I watched the end of something last night with the most beautiful model in her 80s who was rejoicing in her age and that she had grown in to her skin with wisdom and life. An inspiration. I’m in the industry where everyone wants to be younger for longer. Science has started to meet nature and the most amazing products adorn shelves and internet, to enable us to stay younger longer. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the bone structure of my grandmother showing through. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing, she had superb skin all her life, but I see the looming face of old age. I’m only 48. How ridiculous is this? Like I said, it depends on the mood and if those old hormones are playing up. Sometimes when I look I see wisdom. I sit back and realise all that I have learn