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Bad day at the office?

You have a bad day at the office and you take all that ‘stuff’ home with you. It festers away spilling out of you in to your home life. This isn’t healthy, and it could mean you have to disconnect and cut some cords.

What does this mean, cutting cords? I’m seeing this so much on social media at the moment, but there seems to be some confusion over what it actually means. We are all made from energy. We attract energy and we give off energy. Every person vibrates at a different frequency, a little like having an unique fingerprint. Some of us are able to feel this energy from others around us more than others.

Do you feel your energy dipping?

This is a massive subject, and I don’t want to bore you, but I think as we evolve, we need to understand how to disconnect, and why it’s so important. I’ve heard different views on this recently. For instance, I was talking to someone last week, who is still connected to her late mother. Daily. Not a day goes by without her thinking, ‘she wouldn’t have approved of this.’ It’s so consuming that it stops her living her life to the full. How sad to still be controlled by someone after they have passed away. This is stopping her from living the rest of her life in harmony and happiness. There is always that nagging connection pulling her down.

A bad day at the office?

There is a difference between cleansing yourself of negative energies after a day of work, and the cutting of cords that have developed strong bonds over the years. I’ve recently read that we should disconnect and cut cords every day. I don’t agree with this at all. Connections are important as we are human beings, who have the ability to be connected. We do however need to cleanse our auras and re-set our energy fields regularly, but the process of cutting ourselves off from everyone completely every day, isn’t necessary.

A manic day happens to us all.

You know how it is, you’ve had a manic day at work. Everyone wants a part of you. Your in-tray hasn’t been emptied, and you are still answering emails on the way home. Finding time to leave the work behind and focus on the now, isn’t easy. Mindfulness can really help with this. Breathing. Breathing in a controlled way, and counting your breath will enable you to focus on the here and now, while allowing the things that can’t be sorted until the morning, to be shelved for an evening.

Some of us use exercise, or the evening dog walk to unwind, reboot and reset. Yoga is great, meditation follows on from there, but sometimes these things are just too much for some people. So, my easy trick is ….

The shower!

Wash the negativity from your day away

Take a shower. Use your imagination. Your imagination is visualisation. Visualise your shitty day being washed away. Down the plug hole. Disconnect. Then you can focus on the here and now. The work in the office will still be there tomorrow, the patients will still need treating, and the children will still need teaching, but for now, you cannot help any more. Deal with the things you can fix, and let the rest wash away, so you are clear for the next day.

When do we need to cut the cords?

Sometimes you will have connections with people who pull you down or have passed away, and the energetic connection needs to be cut. Gently. With love, not anger. Let them go. You are the stronger one and you can instigate the process so you can both move on.

It’s ok to be connected on a level of happiness, or through love and the feeling of loss during the grieving process. To have a connection in a draining way, every day of your life, or even years after the person has passed away, is not healthy. You all know the type of person who continually drags you down, making you feel low and depleted. Sadly many people don’t realise that this connection can be cut. It doesn’t mean you will forget the person, they are still in your physical field. If they have passed in to spirit, they are still a memory. Part of your life. Part of your path.

If you find you know someone who drags you down, it is time for a little self care and self preservation by cutting cords. You will no longer be drained by the connection you still have on an energetic level. You just need to know how.

How I do cut cords.

I see the cords that connect my energy field with others, as a fibre optic flex of multicoloured light, coming from my solar plexus. This area is so important as it is our control centre. Remember chapter six of my book? My solar plexus was in a bit of a state! So take good care of it.

  1. Settle yourself after a bath, shower, yoga or meditation. Light a candle or even go outside in nature. Use your intuition.

  2. Have a clear intention of the people you wish to disconnect from.

  3. Take some deep controlled breaths and allow yourself to feel how connected you are with the earth below and the universe around you.

  4. Become aware of your solar plexus and the energetic cords emanating from it. Focus on the people you need to disconnect from, and see the energy flowing through the cords.

  5. I visualise scissors cutting the cord in the middle and I tie the ends in a bow. Always cut with love. This is not a vicious or angry process, although it may stir up some emotions with you. I give thanks for having the connection, but now I am releasing the cord to allow myself to move on.

  6. See in your minds eye the cords being brought back to each person. I often see it like a retractable tape measure. It’s your energy….. wind it back in!

  7. Take as long as you need to do this. I sometimes to a few people at once if the connections aren’t too heavy. Other times, in the case of this lady who still had a very deep attachment to her late mother, I would suggest you just do one at a time.

  8. Place your hands on your heart when you have finished, and give thanks for being able to do this. Always show gratitude.

  9. LET. IT. GO

These are my beliefs, you may feel differently. Sometimes during a treatment with me, cord cutting can be achieved, especially when people find it difficult to follow this process themselves. It’s often easier for a third party to talk them through it in a safe space, like my treatment room. Just ask.

Heart centre awareness

Take a moment and reconnect with your heart.


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