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Being authentic

I still haven’t embraced video blogging or Face Book Live. I’m still stuck in the old ways of the

written word, but I’m told that I write just as I sound, which is a good thing I guess, so I must be doing something right. I’ve always been authentic in how I approach people, although I don’t great clients with out my make up on. It has been known, however, for the odd client to turn up to collect a product from me on my day off, and they will find me digging in the garden, or just back from a dog walk. I am human after all!

I’ve always said, if you don’t like the way I tweet, you won’t like the way I treat, and many of you know, I find twitter a huge help for a small business! As any client knows, you have to feel comfortable with your therapist in order to get the best from your treatment.

There has to be professionalism

In order for me to make some videos I need to be completely happy with how it’s all set up.  I used to have photo shoots in the salons I have owned where I would want everything looking perfect. I’m used to staging things correctly with the scene set and everything in its place. No leads or wires trailing in the shot, trolley contents tidy, and most of all, towels round the right way with no labels showing! It was easy to prepare for photos taken for magazines and newspapers, but now social media wanting everyone to be authentic and with Face Book Live on the scene, it’s a different matter.

More confidence required!

I am self conscious. I don’t mind admitting it, but back in the day, I had no problem at all in standing up at exhibitions to give a talk on skin care to 300 people, demonstrating at Beauty Exhibitions, and lecturing at colleges as a guest speaker. Maybe it’s an age thing? Perhaps I should be doing video blogs about the menopause!

I do want to get it right though, and if people who view a video blog are thinking of booking a treatment, they need to see the treatment space is clean and professional. They don’t want me doing some random chat in my dressing gown. Do they? Or is that what it’s all about now?

I need to prepare. I need notes so I don’t waffle on! Going off piste doesn’t work well with a Face Book Live! For me, a ‘Live’ is great to watch if it’s 10 -15 minutes. Any longer and I have other things to do. What do you all want? The written word? Live blogs? Videos? Tell me what you want to see!

I’ve done a couple of small videos.

Nothing big. I started the view and ambience within the salon, but I realise their is a need for some more interactive, chatty videos. This is a snippet from last week…. just a practice, but at least I’ve learnt how to embed it in to a blog!

Help with Skin Care.

Yesterday, a Face Book friend posted a selfie with a face mask on. She commented that it was really hard to remove and even after that, her blackheads were still there. Well, blackheads won’t come out willingly with a face mask. They need extracting, but I couldn’t explain how to do this in a short comment. This morning, I treated a lovely 12 year old with the most perfectly formed blackheads at the base of her nose.

She had a teen facial and lots of home care advice – because that’s what I do! A video, although it sounds weird, would be so helpful for those who can’t get to me for treatments. In fact, this lovely girl would have been a great model! So many teens upset their skin because they don’t know how to extract those dreaded blackheads.

So, watch this space. It seems that I’m getting so many nudges to do some videos and Face Book Live, that I can’t hold off any longer. I will however, be making sure the setting is correct, my lippy is on, and I have notes to keep me focused!

Anyone have any blackheads they don’t mind being videoed?


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