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Bless this food…..

The only thing that really really irritates me at home, is the difference in speed in which my husband and I eat. When I first met him, I was astounded at how fast he would eat. Not in a fast ‘shovel it in rudely’ way, but just much much faster than me. Apparently this was due to being used to working in the field with the Royal Navy and having to eat quickly, never knowing when they would have to move quickly. Food was fuel, and it was fast fuel.

As our relationship developed and he began to enjoy my home cooking and meals out in lovely restaurants, he began to slow up a little. Just a little, although when we are eating out, he really does take notice of his meal. This is probably because we are paying for it. A much more mindful process! He still eats quicker than me at home,  especially after returning from a shift working away. It’s just one of those things. His food, his digestion, his choice. He’s old enough and wise enough to decide how to eat his food. I take longer, chew more slowly and end up eating much less. Not a bad thing either.

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and know that digestion begins in the mouth, so if you just chomp once on a mouthful of heavy protein, the digestive system with have a massive job trying to process it further down the line. Indigestion!

The whole debate of eating on the run, having a working lunch, and even blending everything in to super smoothie power drink to save you time, are all worth looking at, but I am more concerned with the acknowledgment of what is on your plate. Taking a moment to actually see it, smell it and show gratitude for it. I was eating my supper the other night outside in the sunshine. Home alone and taking my time. It made me notice how different it felt and tasted eating outside. I was very aware and focused in the moment. It made me think about blessing food, and being grateful.

Go back to school dinners. Back in the day, as they seem to be saying now, we used to say Grace. This was the 70s. In Primary school you would have sat at your tables, where you said Grace, and then you went up to get your lunch.  We had no idea why we said it. We just did. Years later when I was dating my now husband, I went to few Mess Dinners, where Grace was always said by the guest speaker or the head of the table. It was usually a funny quirky one, but the essence was the same. You were acknowledging what you were going to be doing. Eating. We said Grace at our wedding, a clever one that made people smile, but we were still being grateful, even if most people didn’t realise the essence behind it.

I’m sure if I researched this, I would find the deep rooted religious background linked to this practice, but I am more interested in how it empowers your food. I’ve seen it more recently when I teach Reiki students, especially level 2, where I teach symbols and their uses. One of which is empowering food. It’s a real eye opener to people. You can ensure the food you eat has been empowered to give you the best nutrition it can.

Cook with Love, eat with Grace. 

The old adage of not baking when you are angry or the cake won’t rise is true. Give food with love. Throwing food on the table because you are in a hurry will just allow that fast energy to transmit across, and the recipient will eat quickly. There are times when food on the run is needed and I understand that not everyone has time to sit at every meal to absorb and enjoy, but we should try. It’s not just about family time. It’s about taking a moment. Yes, this is a mindful exercise, but remember mindfulness isn’t new, it’s just being re-marketed for 21st century living. It’s common sense.

Your digestion will thank you if you take your time. Chew your food. Don’t gulp. Drinking lots of water with a meal or fizzy drinks will hinder the digestive process. It makes gas. You burp. That’s not great digestion. This is common sense.

Before you even take a mouthful, just take a few seconds to be thankful for your food. Just a few seconds. Empower the nutrition in front of you. Remember the book Hidden Messages in Water? The research that water can hold emotion? Well, so can your food. If it’s been prepared by someone who is angry, it won’t be as nutritious as it could be.

Very ‘woo woo’ for some, but so logical to me. Look at the TV chefs, they enjoy cooking and feeding people amazing food. It’s empowering. Cooked with passion and love.

Bless your food. Not a big ceremonial saying of Grace, but just take a moment. It doesn’t matter how large the meal or what you are eating. Notice, and silently give a ‘thank you’.




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