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Disaster struck on Friday. I gathered all my juicing ingredients, turned on the juicer…and …nothing. No power. Dead. Now, I’m always very calm and patient when things break down. Tracking back the fault. Making sure all components are correctly inserted, and only then do I check the fuse. Nothing. Still dead.


Mega disaster! My husband muttered something about ‘I bet it feels like your right arm has fallen off?’ Or something like that. He did, however, go up in the loft to find the box.

Now, everything happens for a reason. Reading the manual, I found the ‘sending back procedure’ and, using parcel monkey I started to process a collection. The best option was parcel force, but they wouldn’t deliver to a PO Box. I decided to call the company. I bought my Fusion Juicer from Tristar Products from a newspaper offer, and I have to say they were most helpful. It seems like this is a common ‘fault’…. I actually think it is a design issue, as there is a little plastic ‘nipple prong’ on the base of the pulp collector that is meant to slot into the base of the motor. If this isn’t in the right place the on/off switch won’t work. In removing my collector, which was quite tight, I had broken off the little prong. No power. No juice.

Tristar were very helpful and sent this little Fusion Juicer Trouble Shooting video. Very useful if you want to see Jason show you exactly how it works. I didn’t need to send the whole juicer back, and they are sending a replacement. No quibble. It is however being sent via Hermes, so heaven knows when it will arrive, but at least it’s been dispatched.

In the meantime I have dusted off my old juicer – the one I lend out to potential newbies – and I realise how noisy it is! I was more than happy with it at the time, and it served me well for three years, but I am glad I have upgraded, despite the incident with pulp container!

I would still recommend this one….. it’s a good price, perfectly balanced, quiet and a cross between the fast ones and the superb masticating ones, without the expense. I also like to see the juice being made inside. There are many others to choose from, but I do think this is a good all-rounder, and is indeed a FUSION of two other options.

Keep Juicing! You don’t realise how much you really love it until your juicer breaks!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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