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Candle Magic

As Christmas approaches, I have taken delivery of some beautiful candles from a new company in Wales – Gauci Candles. I realised that many people only buy candles at this time of year to dress the table, or to place around the fire, and they are unaware of the beautiful power behind a candle and the energy it can evoke.

The lighting of a candle before Yoga Practice and Meditation can enhance your focus and help keep the energy flowing. Using a candle as part of your ‘sacred space’ to represent FIRE is often balanced with items such as shells to represent WATER, feathers to link to the element of AIR and crystals or flowers to connect with EARTH…A very Shamanic way of working and adding focus. Candle magic is one of the oldest and simplest forms of sympathetic magic, with simple candle rituals having been used for centuries. It is extremely easy for beginners to perform, since there are no elaborate ceremonial techniques required. And the supplies are easy to find – after all, you can buy candles just about anywhere! It is however worth sourcing good quality candles with a long burn time and no Paraffin. Soy wax candles are the preferred choice. Eco friendly, no black smoke and no oil smell. Candle magic is powerful, as it helps you to focus your intent, allowing your personal will to manifest through the power of the energetic flame. When you clearly state your intention or desire and light the candle, your energy is released into the Universe to do your will.

You can easily create simple rituals to attract prosperity, or health, or to release negative habits or energies. By creating your own candle ritual your intention is set and you can customize your ‘spell’ with the colours and oils that resonate best with your intention. You can even call upon the assistance of your favourite Goddesses and Angels to ramp up your candle magic and achieve powerful results. The more personal your ritual, the more empowered it will be. Choose your candle carefully. Colour is important, as each colour has its own vibrational energy and will attract certain influences. For example, a green candle is typically used to attract abundance, while blue is often used for health issues. Many people choose colours depending on the Chakras they wish to balance and energise. If you are starting to learn about these powerful energy centres treat yourself and buy a whole set of Chakra Candles. Try a different one each day with your meditations….The Chakra candles I stock are also scented with pure essential oils that resonate with each energy centre. See how you feel. Focus.

Manifesting using Candles To begin your ‘candle magic’ ritual you will need to ‘charge’ the candle with your intent by holding the unlit candle in your hands and visualising your intention. Write down your intention on a piece of paper preferably the same colour as your candle. You can simply write it normally or you can use symbols to enhance your work. While you write think about your goal. Be specific in your intention as the words are key. Now, light your candle. Focus on your intention, actually see the result of it in your mind. Hold a corner of the paper in the candle’s flame until it catches fire. You can say a little rhyme or incantation at this point if you like. Keep focusing on your goal. As the paper starts to burn up toward your hand, carefully place it in a little cauldron or on a fire-safe surface to finish burning. Know that your goal has been set. Let the candle finish burning down all the way and then dispose of it. Just remember to never leave your burning candle unattended. Candle magic rituals are simple but effective, and can be performed almost anywhere that you can light a candle. Whether you want to find a job, attract your soul mate, you can perform a candle ritual that will send your energy and intent out into the universe. Candle rituals can be adapted ….this is just a guide…. just a way to use your candles other than to dress the table.


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