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Carving Out Time

My husband always used to say when I moaned about not being able to go to the gym because I was ‘too busy’, that if I really wanted to go I would ‘Carve Out Time’ ….. Carve out time…. How does that happen? It took a while to realise that I really didn’t want to go. Not really, deep down, especially after moving to the country, which made it a whole morning trip there and back. I gave it up. I saved money. I became lazy. So, I took up Yoga instead. I walk the dog twice a day, and do yoga.

I do proper yoga. Not Yoga for ‘The Stretch’, which many people do. They seem to think it is some kind of cool down after a gym session. Yes, it can be used like that, but yoga is more than that. Much more. My first experience was at school. In the days when it was a bit ‘weird’. Then at College while studying Beauty Therapy back in the Eighties, I did a project for our ‘Exercise to Music’ Training and it included Yoga.(See how long a go that was?There was no ‘Step, Body Pump, or Body Combat classes in those days!) Then a good friend of mine trained to be a Yoga teacher and I was her guinea pig student for class run-throughs. I never got chance to participate in a ‘proper’ class. I moved out of town. Recently I discovered the amazing Ann See Yeoh, a Yoga teacher extraordinaire. I booked on a full day workshop at the Clock Tower Wellness Centre at East Brent. I Carved Out Time….. plucked up courage, and went.

Totally indulgent. Total Body Awareness.

A whole room of like-minded people. Everyone was there because they really wanted to be, and many had traveled considerable distances to be there. I have now been to several. I also carve out time in my day to do 15 minutes self practice. Not every day, but most days. Ann See is a busy lady, she only runs these workshops every three months, so I needed to find another teacher, so my focus didn’t slip. My friend, who has now been teaching for six years runs a class in town. I always thought it too far…. Not enough time to get there after work….too much petrol….

Time Carved Out Well.

You can do it. You just have to want to.


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