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Chapter 10 Yoga Mojo

Chapter 10 – Yoga Mojo ‘……..However, I began to fall out of love with yoga and lost my Yoga Mojo about 18 months before writing this book. I had started attending Paula’s weekly evening class by carving out time in my day so I could get into town in plenty of time and not arrive frazzled! It was lovely being part of a group and occasionally I would stay and do the second class which was more intensive. I had no interest in mastering the headstand or the wheel and would listen to my body and stop when I needed to. Some of the arm balances I found tricky too having broken my wrist in the past. I knew my limits.

I had missed some workshops during the winter, and my Yoga Mojo took a while to return. After a day with Ann-See, enabling me to reconnect with the essence of my practice and not be frustrated that I had an injury, I found my love of yoga again. I had got caught up in the drama of why I was injured and what pose had done this to me, that I had become disillusioned by all yoga. I needed to take a step back and get down to basics. To be kind to myself and focus on the needs of my body and not what I used to be doing. I needed to be in the moment. And I realised that even the tutor had back issues and indeed many other people in the class had some kind of specific ailment and stiffness. Yoga will move with you. If you are injured, sad, happy, energetic, or just needing some TLC, yoga can do so much. Just listen, breathe, and notice……..’


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