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Chapter 3 – Journeys

No, you haven’t missed anything. I took a long look at Chapter two and decided that it only works in it’s entirety, so you will have to wait until the book is published if you want to see the ‘Light Bulb Moment’…. Until then you can have this…….

Many people spend their lives with regrets. The ‘If Only’, and the ‘I shouldn’t have’. Sometimes these remarks may just be flippant and off hand, but more often, as words are powerful, they leave an imprint. They make you really believe that you have spoken the truth. This ‘I shouldn’t have’ way of thinking uses unnecessary energy. Anything you put your attention on will grow. You will end up spending your whole life regretting things and have resentment over the event and possibly to the people directly involved with your choice.

It’s only a choice. All you did was to take a path. You started a journey, along a pathway, and you realised you didn’t like it. When you take responsibility for your choice, and see it as just that, a choice, you can move along. Like a board game. Move on.

I’m not one for taking all the skeletons out of the cupboard and letting them run around scaring you half to death, nor am I one for shutting everything away, never to be seen or heard of again. There has to be some balance along the way. Everything you have done is part of your story. Like a movie, it defines you. Everything you have done, in your eyes good or bad, has been done. It’s happened. It is a defining point in your life, never to be seen again. Acceptance is essential. Take responsibility for what you chose to do, and now choose what to do now.

The only thing you can be certain of is the moment that is NOW! Pow! And that moment has now gone. This brings use nicely to the next chapter.

Being mindful……….



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