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Chapter 7 Chakras? What are those?

What are These Chakra Things? ……….After writing Chapter six about embracing fear and the solar plexus Chakra, it became apparent that some people reading the book may not know what Chakras are, and although this wasn’t designed as a self help book or an encyclopedia of therapies, I needed to write a little about these invisible energy centres….

Remember, you are made up of energy. We have already established this; it can be measured, and some people can actually see it. The aura, is an egg shaped energy field surrounding the body and has the ability to expand and contract depending how ‘energised’ you are. You will find that you will have a more ‘full’ aura after exercise, meditation or yoga, whereas if you are unwell or sad, your aura will contract. Sometimes when you enter a room you feel yourself drawn to one person. This is due to their aura extending outwards and you being drawn to something within it. Like attracting like. Something you ‘resonate’ with and likewise, your aura will contract when you sense something wrong or you are talking to someone who maybe has a more ‘negative’ energy. You retract back as a form of energetic protection.

The aura contains all the seven colours of the rainbow; the full spectrum of light as does the system of Chakras. The first layer is closest to the body and is the densest in vibration. The layers become lighter and faster in their vibration the further away from the body they are. Some people can see an aura, while some people may feel it. When I give Reiki treatments and other energy work I am aware of how far the energetic body is extending from my client, but I have never seen colours. As the aura is an energetic field that is electromagnetic in nature it can be photographed using new technology imaging, and this is a fantastic way to show people that they have more than just a physical body.

When there is a disturbance in our energy field and our energy centres are out of balance, dis-ease and disharmony can occur on a physical or emotional level. It is becoming more and apparent that as a human race we are evolving at a high speed and are beginning to realise that emotions cause physical effects within the body. Stress and depression can cause all sorts of physical ailments. This is why more and more people are beginning to take their emotional health much more seriously and are embracing yoga, meditation and thankfully, as you saw in Chapter Four, Mindfulness …….’


Only five more chapters to go…..It should be published by the time I have posted the last one! I have great optimism and am manifesting well!


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