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Chapter Five…… Manifesting

Chapter Five……… For those who are following! “Manifesting is a way to attract things and conditions into our lives involving a more direct use of the mind and psychic forces. The use of manifesting increases what is perceived as luck. In the real world there is no such thing as luck, as there are no such things as good or bad… Things just ‘are’. When you understand manifesting, people and resources become more available to help you achieve your goals. Ideas come more easily and there is usually a higher level of motivation to do what you need to do. However, it is not all about cosmic ordering as if the universe is one big mail order catalogue. It’s about aligning you with the right flow of energy and FEELING it.

Your thoughts are actually the cause of most of the events in your life. If you think something, you will be attracting it. Thoughts cause things to happen and your feelings and emotions are the effect of your thoughts. Thoughts create emotion and emotions can consume you, whether ‘good, bad, happy or sad’ emotions make us human. If you are thinking ‘bad’ thoughts, you will feel bad. Look back at the exercises in mindfulness in CHAPTER 4 and take a breath. Take a few deeper breaths and ask yourself how you are ‘feeling’ right now, in this moment. Take a moment and notice.

Before you can even begin to manifest things into your life you need to be able to stop, take a moment and focus on where you are right now. Then, it’s time to switch your thoughts. When you become aware, you will notice more ‘coincidences’ happening along your path. Notice how sometimes when you think of someone and they call, or you spot them in the street? I like to call this ‘synchronicity’ although many will call it ‘coincidence’. In my world, there is no such thing as a coincidence. We are all connected by threads of amazing energy. Some of us are more aware of this than others, and the more you quieten your mind and direct your awareness within, the more you will begin to align yourself with the beautiful divine energy that connects you to the world beyond. The world that is beyond time and space as we know it”

____________________________________________________________ That my friends is all you are having from this chapter….. The book is due to be printed very soon, and the last set of images from Annabel Tempest are nearly finished so the editing will commence. I will continue posting little snippets though…. which should take us through to the publishing date. I am manifesting hard!


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