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Cold Anyone?

It’s that time of year, but in my view, there is never a ‘time’ for a cold. You can get them at any time of year, but more often we find ourselves more prone to them in the winter when resistance is lower.

You can suffer from a small cold developing to a chest infection, or a cold progressing into full blown pneumonia, a slight sniffle, or just a passing sore throat.

The body will heal itself if you let it. The virus will be attacking cells in your body that are already dying…a bit like a hoovering system. A real clear out. The bi-product unfortunately is mucus. Lots of it!

To help the body with this clearing process, REST is essential. One of my clients tried to ‘struggle through’ her cold last year….and ended up with pneumonia and several days in hospital. Listen to your body. If you are tired …sleep. Struggling on is not an option. I found a great article by Dr Ben Kim that explains this in more detail. Top Tips for Colds: * REST * Take Extra Vitamin C – a good quality like the Advanced Nutrition Programme. * Take plenty of fluids. Water and warming herbal teas. * Hot water with lemon and honey really helps * Juicing good quality fruits and vegetables enables your body to process all the vitamins without having to work too hard. If you haven’t yet found the delights of juicing, click here. * Keep warm * Burning oils such as Eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme will help clear the nose and help chest infections * Elderberry Syrup is superb to help support the respiratory system. I stock the one from Pukka Herbs *Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, soups and juices.

I am also a firm believer that on an energetic level, from a holistic stance, If the energetic body needs cleansing a cold is the best way. So many healers are having deep ‘cleanses’ in the way of a re-calibration…. so you have to go with the flow. Let it out. REST!



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