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Colds are upon us.

This is the time of year when we are susceptible to colds. I have written about this before, but as  a couple of clients have cancelled this week due to sniffs and germs I thought I would write again.

A cold is a cleanse. The body has a germ and it needs to clear it out – generally through a snotty nose!

So, blocking your nose up with medications that stop the flow of mucus will only delay the inevitable. When you stop taking the medication, the cold will continue. How often have you heard some one say ‘This is the second cold I’ve had this month’ ? It’s the same one.

I have nothing against taking medication if you have a day of meetings or a long drive home. Take some paracetamol, and a throat lozenge if you feel like you are swallowing razor blades, but the best thing is to rest! Rest, keep warm and allow your body to expel toxins through your nose! Tissues at the ready!

A superb article on this subject has been written by Dr Ben Kim. There never really needs to be a cure for a common cold as the cold a great way for the body to keep you healthy by eliminating toxins.

You feel that you have a cold coming on? Do not sweat it out at the gym – you will just spread it around! Equally, please don’t visit your hairdresser or therapist. We really don’t want or need your germs and as most of us are self employed we are incredible grateful when you call to cancel. Honestly…. please keep away.

Rest, hydrate, take an extra vitamin C supplement – although it won’t ‘cure’ your cold as once you have it. Burn some essential oils such as eucalyptus and rosemary and sometimes a steam

inhalation is beneficial to relieve sinus congestion. Hot water with lemon and honey helps the body detoxify and the honey is antiseptic and soothing to your throat.

Let the body do what it needs to do. Rest and cleanse.



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