Easy way to start detoxing

Over the past year I realised that some clients do not cook, but they really wanted to eat healthily. They were daunted by things I find easy …. even how to make soups. I wrote about this last winter but still find new people wanting a little ‘Soup Help’ ….so here is a simple easy way to get some of your Five A Day and to have something warming at lunch time.

Warming food fills your tummy. It fools your digestive system in to thinking it has eaten more than it has. So soup is a great lunch if you are watching your weight – as long as its isn’t a creamy one! There are many great recipes out there, but this is a simple easy method. All soups need a main theme vegetable, a stock, a base vegetable, and seasoning. The base is usually onion. Then choose your themed vegetable…it may be courgettes, carrots, broccoli. The seasoning will blend with the vegetable you have chosen. Preferably you have chosen one that is in season, so a good price too. Vegetables and seasoning that work well together: For winter: Carrot and coriander

Carrot Soup 2 onions

8 carrots

1/2 tsp ground coriander

A small grate of ginger maybe to warm it up a bit.

Chicken stock….about a pint

White wine about half a glass, if you like.

Saute onions, add cumin and ginger if you like, add chopped carrots. Splash in white wine.

Add stock

Simmer 15 mins ish Season with salt and pepper

Add some fresh chopped coriander if you have it. Cool before you…..