Embrace the fear

I recently had a treatment with Phil at Hands on in Braunton for my persistent lower back pain. As you read in a previous blog post, the combination of acupuncture and massage with energy work was an amazing break through.

After a few weeks of feeling much better, things started to revert back to how they were before Christmas and I was in need of another ironing out. I had been working on myself with restorative yoga and self healing, but I needed more. I needed someone with a fresh outlook to sort me out! Some people find it hard to understand how healers need healing too!

I drove myself to Braunton for the first time,and having got lost on the way and delayed by the Taunton traffic even before I had got on to the Motorway, I arrived late. This annoyed me as I am never late..I was quite emotional, panicky and cold.

The treatment was amazing as always, but some quite profound things were discovered. My solar plexus was.. locked. Not letting energy flow through to the lower chakras and causing a build up of fear and panic – not obviously helped by my journey there. This was similar to the findings of the acupuncturist. A cold core. Stuck energy.

Having gone through the usual ‘why me?’, and ‘how did this happen?’scenarios, I gave myself a swift talking to and reminded myself that it doesn’t really matter how or why. It just ‘was’.

Things just are. Everything is energy and the only thing that matters is the ‘now’.

So for those of you who would like some more ‘woo woo’ chat…here is a little explanation of your control centre!

Within the energetic map of your body, deep within the Chakras is your fear centre. The control centre that is the Solar Plexus Chakra or to give it its Sanskrit name – Manipura . It’s the yellow one. You know, the one above the sacral and beneath the heart. The one that gets missed out. The one that you fe