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Embrace the Fear – Chapter 6

I have to admit that while writing the book, I became stuck on Chapter 6. Totally brain block. I had zoomed through the Mindfulness and Manifesting, as I had been teaching workshops throughout the year and it was very fresh in my mind, but where to go from here?

Most of your fears never come true. Whatever little scenarios you have mapped out in your mind about the ‘what ifs’, are a complete waste of time and most importantly a waste of energy. But without fear, we would not be human. As spiritual beings in a human body we are meant to be experiencing things. I was accused; many years ago of having an unhealthy need to be happy all the time. I thought this rather odd and actually took great offence when it was said to me. I was disappointed that maybe I had got it all wrong and maybe I was meant to be sad. Then I realised, we are not meant to be one way or the other. We just are.

Everything is exactly as it is meant to be. Emotions are part of being human and these emotions shape our lives and personalities. Some people will always be born worriers; others will always have the luck fairy following them around, while some will be living in poverty and others with have ill health. This is as it is. I have seen many clients in my career who I wished I could change. I wished they could see the bigger picture and switch their thoughts or take that plunge. It used to frustrate me so much until I had a light bulb moment and realised that if we were all the same and ‘got it’, the world would be quite a boring place, with us all being on exactly the same path. The delightful part of being human is that we are all different.

Some people will go through their whole lives happy and content with their lot and not wishing for anything more. To others these people may seem to be stuck and needing more. Just because we don’t all want the same things, doesn’t mean that we are in the wrong place. Remember there is no such thing as right or wrong. Things just are. Accept people for what they are. If someone needs help in finding their way, then we can help them. Timing is a big part of the journey and trust is an even bigger part. Trust is something you can’t really explain. Trust is a feeling. It’s not really tangible. It is an experience’



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