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Equinox Musing

I think the spring Equinox is noticed more than the autumn one. Although I love the feeling of hunkering down for the winter with a good harvest of food, a stack of logs for the fire and tank of oil - Mind you, at the rate we are going with prices at the moment we may all be in four jumpers and hot water bottles stuck down our backs - I do love the emergence of spring. The unfurling of the leaves, the showiness of the daffodils and the need to plant seeds as soon as we feel the warmth from the sun.

Today was that day.

I have an allotment, but we don't use it as much as we could due to watering issues - we are the furthest away from the water stations so crops tend to bolt quickly if they aren't watered well. I tend to plant crops that cost the most to purchase in shops. Garlic, butternut squash, beetroot, and herbs. Last year I turned one of my beds over to wild flowers for the bees, and I have some lovely dahlias for cut flowers. The allotment police send an email out each year saying that we must have 80% of our plots for veg. That's given a darn good ignoring! If it wasn't for my wild flowers encouraging the bees, there would be no pollination of any crops.

I spent the morning in the potting shed planting some cosmos and early veggies. I'm limited to how much I can start early, due to mice digging in the seed trays. I only had four propagating lids, so four trays was the limit. We will see how the spinach does.... usually it gets shredded before it gets to any size worth juicing, but there's always a first time!

Back to the Equinox

To welcome in the spring, yesterday I attended a wonderful Yoga event at the White Barn near South Petherton - with Lucy from A Little Space.

This is the venue I have secured for my summer exhibition. If you follow me on social media, this is old news to you, but for the benefit of the blog/journal, it gives some content that links well with my life as an Energy Artist!

The sun shone and we settled in for some nurturing of the soul, journalling and wonderful yoga, followed by an incredible Ayurvedic lunch served by Farm and Field Cafe next door. To be with like minded people, just after a Full Moon at a turning point in the year was pure magic.

Notice the little things

One of the questions at yoga yesterday, was ' what brings you most joy?' For me, nature brings me joy. Walking the dog in the morning, listening to the birds rustling in the hedgerows and feeling and smelling the changes in the air. Watching the mist across the fields, seeing the moon still awake in the sky and then being able to lie on the grass in the garden and feel the sun on my face while listening to the bees in the flowers. Perfect bliss.

This was a very short moment from my grass bathing today!

The icing on the cake.

The Equinox is actually today - the 20th. So I decided to pull a card from my Gaia Oracle deck.

When everything aligns and you're fully in the flow, amazing things happen. This was the card - Gaia!

"All the Earth needs is a little more love"Just a point....

Just a little note....

If you are a subscriber to my website - you clicked the 'let the posts come to me' button - you will be receiving these journal posts to your in box AND the newsletters.... so you may get a couple in a row. It's just the way my website works. The rest of you, who filled in the contact info and clicked the little 'subscribe' box, will only see blogs when they are added to newsletters. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that as I'm journalling a bit more leading up to my exhibition, you may see more mail.

Enjoy the lighter energies, the clocks change next week and we head full flow into warmer and longer days. Watch out for frosts though!



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