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Everyone is Different

As I have got older I have seen many new treatments and therapies coming on to the scene. Some ‘old’ ones like acupuncture becoming more popular while ‘new’ ones like Myofascial Release creating interest. If you have an ailment, what do you choose? Presuming of course we are not taking the GP route in this little piece of writing. Now, don’t get me wrong, the GP is often a must in many cases, to check there is nothing untoward going on, but when you are dealing with persistent back ache or digestive issues, remember they are ‘General’ Practitioners and sometime you need to look further afield. It is also worth thinking that therapies that may have ‘fixed’ you in the past, may not be the ideal treatment now, and what works for one, may not work for another.

A year a go I developed quite severe lower back pain. Having a great friend who is an osteopath, this was my first port of call. Aubury House in Taunton is my favoured Osteopathic practice, but despite having regular monthly ‘adjustment’ treatments, I needed more. The ‘issue’ had been caused by my overwhelming need to be able to ‘do’ a yoga crow posture by Christmas 2013. It was my purpose, my ‘thing’ to tick off the list by the end of the year. While over straining and not being warmed up correctly, something happened. Nothing pinged. Nothing popped. I just woke the next day with lower back ache. Unable to climb over the stile while walking the dog. The general discomfort went on or months and months Unable to turn over in bed. Unable to complete a full hour yoga class. I gave up trying for that Crow!

I was VERY annoyed and this is not the ‘place’ to be on your yoga mat. Frustration consumed me. I looked at the energetic reasons this may have happened. I did Reiki and chakra work on the area, but nothing really worked. I began to feel that I was meant to be experiencing this as a learning process. A bit ‘out there’ but, seemed pretty logical to me. Time wore on. My osteopath was unconvinced it was just muscular. Could it be gynae related Digestive? Who knew? I decided to try something different. I first went to mt GP, just to be sure it was just a muscular issue and was surprised that she said that the osteopath would be her personal port of call and it was a shame it wasn’t available under the NHS, but she could only refer me for physiotherapy. I decided to make a private appointment with someone several friends had recommended – Dominic Jones at St Johns Physiotherapy Centre in Taunton. and from here wonderful things started to unravel and transform. Not in the way you may think. The treatment itself was not what I expected. Mobilising the area that wasn’t moving very well after a detailed diagnosis and my sacrum was squished and squeezed. I had exercises to do and on the second appointment, needles were deployed!

What a relief. A real muscular relief. I was amazed at the result….but it didn’t last. I had three appointments in all, and I thank Dominic for all he had done, as if it wasn’t for the ‘needles’ I would never have found acupuncture! Back to the osteopath with my report of the great needles…. and then a light bulb moment! If the needles the physio used for pain relief worked, what about seeing an acupuncturist. She was convinced it was ‘gut’ issues. It may seem strange that for someone in my line of work, but I have never had acupuncture. I have had no reason to explore it although many friends and clients have had this ancient therapy. Timing is everything and the practitioner I now see is amazing. I am sure there are many more out there with equal knowledge and skill, but after a lengthy consultation and diagnostic unraveling, she ascertained that the ‘issue’ was brought to the surface by that darn Crow Pose, but it was IBS I had 20 years ago that had upset the energies in my body. My core was cold and I needed more warming foods. Almonds and a banana for lunch wasn’t helping. I had IBS at a time when GPs gave you Fibogel and that was all. There was no nutritional help. I helped myself instead, which developed my interest in nutrition even more. We now know much more about this condition and we realise there are may varying degrees and causes. I would never have thought, being a regular ‘Juicer’ and healthy eater with restricted wheat and dairy in my diet, that I would still have issues with my digestion. The osteopath was right. It was ‘gut’ …. which led me to acupuncture. The acupuncture wouldn’t have been on my radar if it hadn’t been for Dominics superb pain relief needles. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the treatments you have been having for years, may not be the ones you need now, and sometimes, as you get older you need a bit of a mixture. What works for one, may not work for another. Every ‘Body’ is different. But sometimes you need to explore a different avenue. Although energies were beginning to flow, my back was still sore on waking. Better, but not fixed. So I have also been to see the amazing Phil at Hands On in Braunton. I have written about him before in an previous blog and he seriously knows how to unravel a body! I know some practitioners like you to stick with one therapy at a time so you can see what works and what doesn’t. I know my body well enough, to understand exactly what it needs. So I will be off to see Phil again very soon, and I will have a monthly acupuncture appointment until the practitioner gets fed up with me! Nurturing your body, finding the therapies that work for you, and understanding that healing does actually come from within, is all part of your life path and realisation that we are all amazing human creations that need a little TLC from time to time. So, between my new found acupuncture, warming lunches and Phils recent unravel…. Maybe that Crow is back on the agenda? Who knows!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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