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Eye Opener

It often surprises me that there are so many people out there who still assume that juicing is all about loosing weight by drinking liquid broccoli and spinach. I had a light bulb moment the other day when a new client thought I lived on juice.

She was a little dismissive when I suggested that juicing may help her…. until I made her a Ginger Shot to try. She had no idea of the health benefits for her IBS and eczema. Quite an eye opener for her, and the realisation for me that clients need to try the juice! I’ve also learnt not to say anything about broccoli content until they have tried it! A light bulb indeed!

In the ‘old days’ everyone would have a glass of orange juice with their breakfast. From a carton. Sometimes ‘fresh’ with bits in! So why not move with the times and make your own FRESH juice? Eat clean and eat green! Science is continually evolving. We hear on the news all the time how many portions of veg we ‘should have’ and then it changes. No one really eats five portions of fruit and veg every day, so saying w should now eat seven, won’t make much of a difference to many peoples regime at all.

The bottom line is, eat sensibly. It’s obvious that processed foods are lacking in good nutrition where fresh vegetables and fruit have more ‘goodness’ than a multivitamin tablet. Meat pumped full of growth enhancers and water can’t be ‘good’ for you and high doses of sugar will cause problems with weight and give you a higher chance of diabetes. This has always been the case. This is not new.

My husband was reading the other day that Sir Stanley Mathews was juicing carrots in his early football days over fifty years ago…….and he was still playing professional football when he was fifty years old! They made juicers then! So this is not new, and he wasn’t doing it to loose weight. He was doing it for health and sport performance. So, think about it, would you rather pop a vitamin tablet and take a slug of processed pasturised concentrated orange juice, or take an assortment of healthy vitality giving fruits and veg, pop it in the juicer and enjoy some real nutrients? I know what I would rather do.

Previous blogs give you more information on why and how. The reasons for alkaline ‘Green’ juices’ and the different between Juicer and a Nutribullet, are all lengthy subjects so I won’t go through it again here, but just remember, although there was a lot of post-Christmas press about weight loss and detox, juicing really should be part of your daily routine. It takes five minutes. Surely you can make five minutes in your day? It’s all about changing your lifestyle very slightly.  Eat Clean. Eat Green.




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