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Faddy Diets Come and Go

It seems that most of the country has heard about the 5:2 diet by now, where you supposedly eat what you like for five days and ‘rest’ for two non consecutive days, by reducing calories to 600 by only eating fruit and vegetables. My Face Book News Feed is full of people joyous that they have lost 10 lbs in a week. Even my husband was interested in it as the boys at work were doing it as ‘sympathy diets’ to accompany their wives after the Christmas excess. Now, my lovely husband is a red meat and bread lover. He has discovered that too much bread isn’t great for the system and chose to reduce his consumption considerably – and that included pizza and pasta as well, once he realised they were one and the same. We have been eating brown rice noodles instead of pasta for a while now, and pizzas are very rare indeed. Changing to spelt bread helped with digestion and after a recent trip to the US, and far too much meat, my lovely man decided to be ‘Red Meat Free’ until the end of the month. He was still interested in what the boys at work were doing… I had a look.

As with any ‘new’ diet on the market everyone will have a go…remember the grapefruit diet…oh, and the pineapple diet, and heaven help us the cabbage soup diet? There will always be people needing something to inspire them. If they loose weight and maintain it, excellent, but it can be a quick solution, with no real understanding of the body and digestion, and then the weight will go back on.

Surely eating ‘lighter’ after a day of heavy eating is what we would normally do. A heavy weekend of entertaining and rich food, would make you feel the need for a lighter Monday, fruit and veg and no alcohol. This is not a new idea. It has just been packaged at the latest ‘Diet’ from a medical point of view. I found a piece on The Alkali Diet versus The 5:2 Diet…..worth reading to save me re-writing! Click here!

The alkali ‘diet’ is one that I personally like. A diet as a way of life. When I started I lost a stone. A stone over 8 months. I also started juicing, and re-thinking the blend of foods. It worked for me. Patrick Holford, a pioneer to new approaches in health and nutrition has written many books on food and ‘diets’, and I supply the Advanced Nutrition Programme in my treatment centre that Patrick has designed.

Lifestyle is important. Know your body.


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