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First Stockist in the UK!

Sometimes things just fall into your path, but you have to be awake enough to notice them. For all of you who are on your ‘pathway’ (and know I hate that term!) will understand the underlying message in the term ‘awake’.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a good friend Jane Alexander, who was asking for my input on a new product that she had found. If Jane finds something she likes…. then it’s worth looking at! She’s tried many, and likes good quality, eco friendly and ethically produced products, and she knows a good one when she finds it.


So I looked at Tazeka Aromatherapy. It did look like a ‘no brainer’ really. The only issue was that  there is no distributor in the UK so I would have to order direct from the U.S. This always has shipping implications, but I was surprisingly going to be the first stockist in the UK,  so I jumped at the chance. It’s quite a young company and the media coverage is gathering momentum.

This new addition to the salon arrived yesterday, so I’ve only just had chance to unpack the box! I was only just thinking back to 30 years ago, when I was at college. Aromatherapy was an alternative medicine and the word ‘holistic’ wasn’t used at all. As a subject it wasn’t taught as standard in colleges and we had to pay extra for an ‘add-on’ course with Shirley Price when we had completed our three year training. This was way before La Stone and Hydrotherm were even born! Aromatherapy was a foundation to everything that I offered over the years and, having employed many therapists who didn’t have a specialist training in the subject, we started to use ready blended oils. High street brands were all about Aromatherapy as the industry grew quickly, and it soon became quite ‘normal’. Think shower gels, shampoos, candles etc. All have aromatherapy as their base.

Aromatherapy is thousands of years old. I have recently started to almost go back to basics and explore my original roots with this vast subject. This new product line came just at the right time. In the old days we used to be able to mix and blend oils for clients to take home. This changed with all the EU regulations etc, so many salons started to stock brands of ready blended oils. Clients weren’t really interested in blended essential oils in a carrier base oil. Too oily for the UK market.

Then we have this wonderful new company. The most amazing ready blended roll on oils – for ALL emotional states and requirements. No ‘nasties’, not tested on animals, and eco friendly. You will find your perfect home care blend having had a consultation with me. They are also perfect as an addition to any facial while you enjoy the massage and mask. I have a full set of testers and they are perfect gifts too, boxed and packaged beautifully!

For those of you who don’t really know how aromatherapy works, It’s perfectly explained right here.

I’ve tried quite a few of the oils already, but I’m keen for clients who suffer with headaches to try this one….. just look at the testimonials!

headache helper

£29.50 each 8ml handbag sized sophisticated looking roll on.

£10.95 for a smaller 2ml bottle – a chance to try a few first! (not all blends are available. in the tester size)

I am so thankful that I was approached to be a stockist of this beautiful, powerful range of healing and balancing aromatic magic. Quality always wins. This is quality!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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