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Free floating Islands

Today I learnt that a friend was ‘all clear’ after a Mastectomy…no Chemo needed. Although we had been doing regular Reiki treatments and she had been doing amazing visualising meditations, you still wonder, right in the back of your mind….’What if’. The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I have been doing what I do best, and delivering food parcels to help lighten the domestic load a bit. Although cooking meals for two adults PLUS two teenagers did stretch me a little…. How many meatballs would that be exactly? Treating someone you love dearly with Reiki while they lie in bed recovering, in pyjamas with an ipad at their side having been searching the web for suitable new underwear….such a privilege in a strange sort of way.

During this time I learnt an interesting way of using the power of your mind during this healing process… The ‘old way’ of using Visualisation to get rid of a tumour, was to imagine it being bombarded and zapped..see it being ‘killed’….I always thought that was quite aggressive. Coming from a place of anger.

Anger feeds things with fear ….and they grow. More fear. More stress. More anger.

My friend ‘saw’ her Cancer floating on a sun-drenched island floating in her breast. It even had a palm tree on it. She was happy that the island was ‘free-floating’ ….not attached to her body… all contained. She saw a string of Mother Of Pearl like buoys around her arm pit keeping her lymph nodes protected. This free floating island was removed by a superb surgeon in its entirety, her lymph nodes all clear.

The power of the mind is a wonderful thing.

Skeptics would say that she needed surgery anyway. Yes she did, but who knows the extent of that cell growth if she hadn’t used her mind. I believe that the body is a deeply clever intuitive mass of vibrating singing communicating cells. I use Theta Healing to communicate with these cells. Cancer cells feed on toxins. Their job is to collect toxins in your body. Stop feeding toxins in and the cells will have nothing to do. Stress is classed as a toxin, something that feeds cancer cells. Anger and fear too… Send in love. Not easy. I didn’t say it was easy. Especially when you are faced with surgery and are awaiting diagnosis. Not easy, but it can be done. As my friend proved with her lovely sun filled meditation. Keeping everything contained.

Send in love. Cancer gets confused. Healing can begin.


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