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Full Moons and Moving On

I've never been one for tracking the moon phases on a daily basis, but since I've moved into the field of Energy Art, I do notice that it affects the way I paint, and when I paint.

I don't look at the cycle of the moon and plan my work around it, but just as sometimes a client books a Reiki Training on a certain date that just happens to be the full moon, my paintings either emerge, or go 'quiet' depending on the moon.

When I started writing this post, the words MOON TRACKING was in my mind.

I had an ah-ha moment and looked deep into the hidden pockets of my Filofax - yes, I'm old school. No online booking diary here! About 20 years ago, I attended a masterclass of La Stone Therapy with the founder Mary Nelson. At the beginning of the course, she handed out a small pack of oracle cards for us all to pick one.

This was mine.....

It's a gift. Use it.

During the intensive weekend training, I met some amazing healers and therapists, and we all had chance to experience the most amazing multidimensional treatments. I've had three life changing treatments in my life and this was one of them. I remember Mary coming over and kneeling close to me head as she said, 'It's such a gift, you must use it.'

Fast Forward to NOW.

The Full Moon in October is also known as the Hunters Moon. It was a bit of a shock for puppy Jack when he went out for his bedtime pee. When he saw it he shot inside pronto. Big shiny bright ball in the sky!

I'd actually hosted a Reiki 1 training that day, for someone I'd never met in person, but we had so much in common. When the workshop was booked, we didn't realise it was a powerful lunar day. Sometimes when you let things flow, the universe just pops everything into place for you. I don't need to plan things around the moon, the planning is done for me!

The day after a Reiki event is often quiet in the therapy room and I sometimes paint or potter. This time I was very aware of the need to shed unwanted energies, and manifest the next stage. I hadn't written this in my diary as a thing to do, I just felt it, and that feeling coincided with the moon cycle.

Things Don't Just Fall in Your Lap

Life isn't full of magic and unicorn sparkles. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, and needs to be lived to the full. So, the following day, I had my proactive head on, and contacted The Create Gallery at Bedruthan Steps Hotel - the sister hotel to The Scarlet where my art journey really got started. They have several pieces of my art across both hotels, and I wanted to suggest a new body of work for next year.

Right place, right time! They messaged back saying they were literally just going to send an email about Art Residencies for 2022, and was I interested in a whole week there as the artist in residence? I get to paint by the sea, meet lovely guests and exhibit and sell a brand new collection.

let me think about that for a nanosecond.... YES!

Time to Move On

I may have thought things had just slowed up, but actually things were beginning to ramp up behind the scenes. So I am moving on. With the end of the year fast approaching, it's another moment to reflect. We didn't really get the year we thought we would. That's TWO years of Lockdowns with global division and control. The government has just sneaked in another six months of 'Emergency Laws', without any of us knowing until it was done - and the 'House' was pretty empty when this was pushed through. Again.

I'm aware of what's going on, and I know it needs to play out. I know that everyone is different and are experiencing things in different ways. We all need to respect each other and look at the bigger picture. We are human beings. BE-INGS. Do what fills you with joy. Raise those vibrations. Look up at the moon. See how awesome the universe is, and realise we are so teeny tiny, but boy are we POWERFUL when we raise our vibrations.

As Above So Below Was Born

This piece is a real change for me. Another Tipping Point and the start of the next phase. The name came to me as I was painting her, and can be interpreted in various ways. I like to think of the above being the cosmos and the below is human life. The duality of the two. Hand in hand.

“To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being,

To truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

24" square and yes, she is for sale.



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