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Generally I guess I’m a lone witch

It’s funny when I look back on my life how many people have asked, ‘Are you a witch?’ Jokingly I would say yes! There must have been a reason why they asked though. I’m certainly not part of a coven, I don’t dress up in a cloak (although I’ve always rather liked the idea) and I don’t caste spells as such, although I do like a good manifesting session! According to Wikipedia witchcraft can be anything from sorcery and the paranormal, to shamanism, nature worship and healing. So, yes, I guess I am a bit of a witch!


One of my earliest childhood memories takes me back to a summer when I collected cherry blossoms from our tree, putting them inside large leaves and rolling them up like a cigar, skewering them in place with a little twig. Just like a pig in an blanket. I used to leave them under bushes in the garden for the faeries.

I was probably about seven or eight years old and had no one teaching me how or why, I just did it. Little offerings to the elementals. Elementals that I never actually saw with my eyes, but I liked to think they were there. Faeries at the bottom of the garden.

I’ve always been drawn to nature and healing.

I’d always been interested in the natural way of healing and was fascinated by clairvoyants and healers, although I didn’t mention it much in my growing years. My grandparents would have said it was blasphemous! I discovered a book in WHSmith when I was about 13 all about how to see your aura. This was well before self healing and holistic health sections were common place in book stores. This was something you didn’t tell anyone you had bought. You read it out of sight of your parents!

Then, when I was in my mid teens, my parents split up and I heard that my mother had been to see a clairvoyant and my father was reading this book. Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind by Al Koran. I was fascinated. I borrowed it. It was another trigger or sign post for me, but at that time I was unaware of how the universe actually worked. This was well before the DVD The Secret, or The Law Of Attraction!


At school there had been some experimenting with Ouija Boards. I knew this was a dangerous thing to do so I steered well clear! The headmaster soon banned it. Far too many groups meeting in classrooms at lunch time, thinking that getting a paper cup to move across a table to spell out some words was a cool thing to do. It wasn’t.  There were odd moments when a few of us decided to try and Astral Travel at night and meet up for a party! I’m not sure it actually happened, but the intention was there.

Yoga found me at a young age

Now, this was back in the early 80s. Yoga was introduced as an ‘option’ to the 5th years (what’s that in ‘new money…. year 11?) who wanted to try a different form of P.E. Many of you will know I am the least sporty person in the world, so I took this option as a cop out! I took it because I didn’t want to do anything requiring any real effort or a need to win! So way back in 1983 I discovered yoga in a classroom while others were swimming, canoeing and playing tennis. It blew my mind that you could meditate on a candle, close your eyes and the candle could still be seen behind your eyes. Early days. It was a start.

This is a wonderful time to be on the planet

It’s only as I look back now and recall all these little signposts that I see that I have always been into this sort of thing. As we have evolved as a race, this global learning has accelerated together with everything else. This is an amazing time to be on the planet where we can really get back to our roots and understand the forces of nature and how to use the energies around us. It’s in our human nature to connect with the earth and stars and be aware of everything around us. We just got a bit lost along the way. Now we emerge and there are a lot of us out there. You are probably sitting next to a witch right now!

What do I do?

Working with nature spirits, reiki and other forms of healing is part of what I do. A couple of years ago I felt the need to write a book explaining how I had got to this part of my life and to spread the word. It’s only recently that I’m being asked about exactly what I do on a new or full moon, or just how to set intentions and manifest things.

I’ve never really shared this type of information as there are many people on social media who offer help and advice and more books than you could shake a stick at. I have left it to them, but it seems that people want to know how I do it, and what better way to show people than using social media. After all, I’m quite ‘normal’ which is a good thing, right?.

So, here goes, how else am I going to reach more of you? Teaching a few Reiki students a month isn’t really enough, so I will start with my New Moon Intentions in the next blog post…..although it will probably be a full moon by then! I just wanted to let you know it’s coming. It’s time to give you some hints and tips, and to show how easy it is to connect.

Until then, I’m off to polish my crystals!

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