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Here it is!

So we nearly have 2015…..

I’m never sure if the previous year should be reviewed before, during or after the 31st….1st….or just whenever we feel like it. We can review our lives at any point, but a marker in the calender always seems like a good option.

I personally begin by removing, and packing away all the Christmas decorations on the 1st of January. I always have done. I just can’t wait until 12th night. Desperate to tidy up and clear out….. sorting the Christmas cards and making sure all the pine needles are hoovered up. The salon is cleaned from top to bottom, stock take completed and orders placed. New Year. New Start.

Before we know it, spring will be here and we may have forgotten Christmas 2014 altogether … will be just one date in a past diary. Some of you may have more reasons to remember it than others. A marker point in their lives….. everyone is different.

I spent a while over Christmas concerned that I wasn’t enjoying it enough. That I was growing older and much more grumpy, and I no longer wanted to go out and celebrate…. but what is the ‘right’ way to spend Christmas? A family time for me can end up being quite stressful. Having guests in the house upsets my flow and it annoys me that I feel that way. Too used to living alone I guess. I have to learn to bend a little and be more tolerant. In all the worry over the few days that make up what we know as ‘Christmas’ I soon run out of time to do any more thinking and before I realise, time has marched on once again. Another Christmas over and the spring is ahead of us.

However you spend your time over the festive season and New Year, try to take a moment and be mindful. Using mindfulness enables you to stop and acknowledge how you feel without judgment. Everything is as it is. Worrying about the past is a waste of energy as it restricts your movement in the future. Noticing and acknowledging the past is a different thing.



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