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How About Detoxing the Other Stuff ?

We are half way through February, some people have finished their ‘Detox January’, some are still ‘struggling’ while some stopped alcohol, some are on hard core diets. Some did the Seven Day Juice Detox with Jason Vale …and I am sure the sale of Juicers has increased significantly since Christmas! But have we given a thought to the other areas of our lives? Detoxing doesn’t just mean food and drink. As the nights draw out and the garden begins to wake up, we yearn to Clear Out and Tidy Up… Spring Clean As the sun shines in, the dust will show, and will motivate you to to Clean and Dust! Sort your no longer worn clothes Clear out the kitchen cupboards File your In-Tray Unsubscribe from news emails you never read. Fine tune your in box. Clear the loft – you know you need to…Do It Clearing SPACE energetically tells the universe that you are preparing for something new to happen. Wonderful things will come into your life, if you make the SPACE.

Nature As the garden awakens, there is nothing more cleansing that a morning in the garden pruning, weeding, and moving. Leaving space for planting and new growth. Pick flowers and bring them inside. Friends It is true….as you get older your circle of friends gets smaller. In my view its about quality not quantity. Whether you need to thin your circle of actual friends…or your ‘virtual’ friends on Social Media sites….It’s worth a look. Very Cathartic. Very Detoxing. Technology We all know that over exposure to TV, laptops, tablets and phones is ‘bad’ for you. It stops the mind from resting and switching off. All those electromagnetic fields competing with each other to zap your energy. (Well that’s how I think of it!) It dehydrates your skin and upsets sleep patterns.

Switch off. Rest. You often see people on Twitter having a ‘Twitter Break’ …. go on, have a go. It doesn’t have to be a complete cut off … a day will help. Do something else….garden, read…. Try Yoga.

In the end, it’s all about balance. It’s all about being aware of how you feel….. The earth is waking up…. physically as it is SPRING…and energetically in a big way. We are connected to the earth. We are ‘waking up’ too. Go and play in the garden. Detox your home, open the windows and let the energies flow. DETOX is not all about the food we eat or the alcohol we consume.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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