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How is the ‘detox’ coming along?

This time of year is either exciting or depressing. The ‘New Year New You’ slogan that pops up in the first weeks in January, can send a sense of fear into the hearts of those who know they should ‘detox’ but have no idea where to start and a sense of excitement into those who are really ‘going for it’. Having worked in the fitness and spa industry for the past 25 years this slogan is not a ‘new’ one. It is one that every diet campaign, spa, salon and gym uses year after year. Its pretty much fixed in time. A money spinner for the diet companies, spas, and gyms. We have all done it….. all over eaten, and probably drunk too much…No matter how ‘good’ you are with your diet, Christmas always brings lovely goodies that you wouldn’t normally eat, that tempt us and now we pay the price. Some of us need to just get back to the normal routine…. reducing the refined carbohydrates…upping the water, reducing the alcohol and all will revert to normal.

Others need a little more focus…. but quick fixes and fad diets are NOT the way forward. New eating programmes need to be achievable, and more importantly, need to be life changing. not just a fix for a week and then back to all the white sugary refined high fat rubbish.

Try juicing ….. Those of you who follow me on twitter will know I juice daily. The amazing Jason Vale has just started a 7 day Juicing Programme and although I’m not a fan of 100% juice diets for such a long period…. he’s worth listening to. Such an inspiration!

Here are my gentle ways to get back in the groove after Christmas:

*Eat slowly, savour your food. You will eat less and process it more efficiently. *Only cook and serve what you need eat. Less temptation to ‘finish up’ food. *Watch for hidden calories in creamy soups and salad dressings. *Drink plenty of water and cleansing teas. Try mint teas after a meal to aid digestion. *Soups at lunch time will make you feel full. they are packed with nutrients, especailly if home made. *Skip the desert sometimes. You don’t really need it. *If you are full…. you have eaten too much. Your tummy is like a washing machine. It will digest more efficiently if it is 2/3 full. *Alcohol? If you drink heavily, cutting it out completely will be really hard. Cut it down first. Drink slower. Cut out the ‘junk’ alcohol like beers and lagers. Too high in sugar…too many bubbles leads to gurgling tummies and poor digestion. *Exercise…. take the time you have away from work to walk in nature. Get the circulation moving. Burn some calories…blow the cobwebs away. *Choose an exercise regime that you actually enjoy. Gym memberships are a waste of hard earnt money if you will hate every moment.

*Start Juicing….. a superb way to start the day with vegetable based juices to help keep the body as alkali as possible for optimum health.



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