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How Old?

Oh deep joy.

I guess it depends on your state of mind and how your hormones are feeling when you find the ‘new app’ – How Old Do I look?

I saw this app in a conversation on Face Book today. A friend was taking it in a really good, funny way as another friend had posted in the thread some photos from a  recent holiday they had been on. I believe they were of similar age, but one came out at 28 and the other at 36. I know for a fact that the one placed at 36 is in fact nearer 50.

How fabulous! An app that tells you the age you really look.

No. Not fabulous. I could have left it, but no, I thought I would have a go. Cheating a bit with a professional shot taken for my book cover last year.

Apparently I am 58. 

I tried another from the same shoot. I’m 40.

I’ll take that one. Thank you. 

Now, if you’re into the techi stuff you can read this which explains why the site was built in the first place. To be honest, I got bored reading it, but I’m sure there is a point to it. Some uploading statistical webby thing. It has nothing to do with it’s accuracy.

Depending on how you are feeling, and no doubt it’s more of a ‘girl’ thing, this app can send you into a spiraling, mass of hormones, as I’m sure it would be the ‘over 40’s’ who are likely to be having a go. Just to see. As you do.

The app makers got what they wanted. Another statistic uploading an image.

I got what I didn’t want too see.

But I’m better than that. It’s only an app. But I am menopausal, and it still upset me.

So, I’ve taken a  moment. Given myself a good slap,  and moved on. Apps eh? We should know better!



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