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How technology shapes our lives, even up in the clouds.

I’m actually writing this while on an flight home after a week of skiing, as I see how things have changed so fast in the world of technology. In the ‘old days’ I’d be making notes with pen and paper, now I can type into notes on my iPad and save everything ready to drop in to the newsletter over the weekend. We have the ‘airplane’ mode on our devices, which means we can type away without running out of paper, or dropping a pen under the seat when coffee is served. I do always carry a note book with me, as I do occasionally like to pen a few random thoughts.

The airport was full of people reading from kindles, playing games, catching up on the news, or just  messaging home, all on electronic devices. I know we often say to switch off and take a moment away from all these iPads, and smart phones, but this is one time when they come in to their own. Less to pack!

There has to be balance though. There is a place for everything and a time when technology really does come into its own. It is inevitable that we will move into an age when these tools are part of our everyday life. A way of teaching, of finding out new information so quickly, and for finding our way home!

Without this technology I wouldn’t have such a wide reaching catchment of people who read this blog or my newsletter. For me, Facebook has been a great free advertising tool for my small business, although I have to ‘work it’ a little, by doing a whole selection of posts in one go and timing them to go out over a few weeks. This saves so much time and motion, and enables me to use the time to suit me, rather than having social media run my life.

A great friend, Louisa Miles, once told me that I was a super connector. She said it was natural for me to want to recommend and connect people all over the country with information that may help them in their lives. My job as an holistic therapist is to help people improve health, awareness and general wellbeing, while not having to find nuts and lentils for their main food source! I found myself checking out Louisa on instagram while waiting for bad weather to pass during the holiday. I just had to tweet it!


Social Media just an extension of how we used to work. A client may need a treatment I don’t offer, and I can hand her a card of someone who may help. I still have a drawer of business cards from other practitioners I highly rate, so the old fashioned way still works. The new way however has brought me amazing connections via Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram, so I’m able to look further than just my own back yard.

The reason for this blog, is really as a moment of gratitude for social media. I could lay by the pool while my husband was reading his book after a day of skiing, and I could connect with people all over the world, by linking what I had done, and the good food I had eaten and the fact I was also taking a break!


The hotel had intermittent wifi which meant I did have to switch it off at times – or really it was switched off for me! Everyone needs a chance to re-boot and do some yoga or read a magazine from cover to cover.

I have a job which I love, and using my experiences while away and the need to connect with others is also part of what I do. Technology is great. It brought me six new bookings while I’ve been away, but as I haven’t migrated over to a techi diary in the clouds, confirming bookings had to wait until I got back. At least I could answer any emails though.

Never feel that you have to switch off your technology. It’s the age we live in. Just get the balance right. Answering tweets while on your yoga mat may be a little excessive, and not very zen. So think about it. Take a break occasionally, and get the balance that works for you.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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