It happens to us all

So the college reunion last weekend with 10 beauty therapists, many not in the industry any more, was a huge success. One of those events that you get yourself all worked up about and then find everything just slots in to how it used to be.


Our class was very close. There were two groups of Hair and Beauty students on the three year course. On our first day in September 1984,  32 young 17 and 18 year old would be beauty therapists gathered in a hairdressing salon at Weston Super Mare College and divided ourselves up in to two groups. We were the ‘A’s’. Most of us didn’t know anyone else at all, so it was quite random how we sorted ourselves out. Some lived locally in the Weston and Burnham area, while others, like me, had got full grants to live away, and were from Gloucester, Stroud, Exeter and even Newquay! Remember that this was the time when there were no other colleges available. Well before the industry really exploded, and every main college started to run courses in beauty and holistic therapies. When we were at college there were no gel nails, spray tans, laser hair removal or mineral make up. In fact french nail polish wasn’t even taught and Aromatherapy was an alternative medicine, and needed to be studied as a self funded ‘extra’. Just look at the tired dated blankets and old couches and trollies we had!

IMG_8669 (1)

The course was ‘full on’ and very full time. None of this signing up for a full time course but actually it’s only three days. This was five days a with two late nights for clinics each week. We were in each others pockets for a very long time. Late teens, early twenties, doing what you do when you are young. Full of hairspray and sparkly tops wi