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It’s all about Balance

So, some of you have done a full detox, some have just cleared out the cheese and chocolate mountain from Christmas and others are still, very admirably, on the 28 day Global Detox with Jason Vale.  Whatever little post Christmas re-boot you have chosen, remember that the key is BALANCE!

There is no point in going bonkers with a juice cleanse and not reevaluating your general diet. No use at all coming off any programme and going back to a high salt, processed food filled diet. The idea with a juicing cleanse is that your taste buds will change and you will no longer ‘need’ the processed junk food. You will give yourself a massive vitamin boost without any strain on your system. That is, if you needed it in the first place. For me, the morning juice is a way of life. I just ran out of mince pies, so 4lbs disappeared quite quickly!

Everyone is different, and has different needs and dietary requirements. I am a huge fan of juicing, while others like the new NutriBullet idea. As I’ve said before, there is a place for both, but they are not the same. You may decide just to ‘Eat Clean’ and make a real effort to know where your food comes from. If you don’t recognise it, don’t eat it. Up your veggies and have about 70:30 balance of veg and fruit to protein. Although some people say another way of using those figures is 70% vegetables and 30% fruit.

More green veg means more alkalinity, while generally fruit is more acidic and also higher in ‘sugar’. Although we are human beings who used to survive quite nicely killing our free range meat and picking nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit. Eating with the seasons and going out to gather food meant we got exercise. We have become more sedentary and food is now brought to us. We have evolved. We don’t need so much sugar, but let us not get this out of context. Eliminating fruit from your diet is silly. It’s a natural food. Just don’t overdo it with super-sized smoothies and whole pineapples! Balance is required. It’s the refined hidden sugars that you need to be aware of. That includes maple syrup and agave…. just be aware. Be aware if you are trying to lose the kilos/pounds/inches. Not everyone reading this will be wanting to get thinner….some just want to feel a little healthier after Christmas. Remember that the winter is a time when we naturally store extra pounds…..and weight loss can be difficult. Spring is round the corner. Lighter foods and salads will be readily available.  In the meantime, stay warm, make an effort to move more.

The easiest way to make the break from your detox plan or just to implement a lighter way of eating is to swap your midday juice when you have finished your ‘detox’ for warming soup – check out the book from by Jason Vale with great soup recipes. Reduce all hidden processed sugars, eat clean and stay hydrated.

soup book

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