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It’s not just a full moon, its a supermoon.

Here we are again. A supermoon. Not just any supermoon, this is the largest one in nearly 70 years. It will appear a third brighter than usual with NASA saying its about 14% wider than a normal full moon. Now, we all know by now that the moon doesn’t grow and it’s not actually larger than usual, it just appears that way due to it’s elliptical orbit. It will appear over the horizon in its true awesomeness at about 1645 on Monday. If you would like some more detailed astronomical information just click here.

So, what are you going to do during this phenomenon? Some may just stop and stare. (There’s a song in there somewhere). Others won’t want to miss using it’s enhanced energies for a little woo woo! Lets hope for clear skies for a start as I expect instagram and twitter will light up with photos of this incredible sight.

For me, as a lone witch, I won’t be going to any moon bathing parties, but I will be taking some time to notice how small we are in such a vast universe and how amazingly awesome it is! What better way to do that then to look up feel it. Feel the energies and be mindful. I will be placing my entire crystal collection outside as well as all my basalt stones, as the full moon will enhance their healing capacity.


A full moon is a superb time to release anything that is no longer serving you. Give thanks for everything you have and everything you have done. A real time for gratitude. As you show gratitude for who you are, take a moment to reaffirm anything you are creating and manifesting from the earlier New Moon.

Take time to notice

Just take time on Monday evening to look at the splendour of our beautiful moon. Light a fire outside if you can, or just a candle. Write down the things you would like to release and set yourself down in a place where you can look at the moon.

Personally I use totems from the four directions – Fire, which I will have lit. Water I honour by sitting by my pond, or sometimes I use shells I have gathered. Earth is acknowledged by flowers or crystals. For air, I add feathers from native birds. Setting these things around me I start by asking to be connected with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Taking a few deeper breaths and beginning to feel the energies from the moon, I begin to feel connected to the earth beneath me and the cosmos around me. This is a very special moment.

I sometimes write down the things I wish to release and then burn the paper in the flame when I am finished. Other times I just stand strong under the light of the moon and speak out loud. It depends how I feel at the time, and to be honest, it really does depend on the weather!

Subtle Changes

As with any full moon you may notice pets can be a little spooked by the enhanced energies. The tides will also be higher than usual, especially during this strong Supermoon. Some people may find that they have broken sleep leading up to the event, and this is often a time for new plans and creation. It’s also common to find a full moon quite draining, so make sure you stay hydrated and rest if your body tells you to. Eating grounding foods and nourishing soups may help too.

Enjoy it…. it’s unlikely you’ll be around when the next big one comes round!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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