It's ok to Feel Anger

I keep reminding myself that we are all human. We are human be-ings, and are meant to feel all sorts of emotions. This is certainly the time in our evolution where we feel every possible emotive state. Anger being the main one, especially when I listen to any news at all. Mind you, the last year has certainly made me pick apart the fear based headlines, and stop watching the main stream news.

The other day I caught part of Jeremy Vine on Radio Two.

We now have mutant issues, a Kent variant, and the Rona being called a disease. When did that happen? I thought this was a virus? Oh, it IS a virus, just a slip of the tongue? Or is it another subliminal wording to invoke more fear?

As I listened, they were talking about needing to BOOST IMMUNITY by having a jab EVERY YEAR. To boost immunity. Apparently, we will be all be less susceptible when everyone is vaccinated. Another Lockdown would only be necessary if the Vaccine failed. In other words, take it you idiots or you will have to keep going like this for EVER.....

I had to turn it off.... he really pushed my buttons, but then that's the whole point isn't it?