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It's ok to Feel Anger

I keep reminding myself that we are all human. We are human be-ings, and are meant to feel all sorts of emotions. This is certainly the time in our evolution where we feel every possible emotive state. Anger being the main one, especially when I listen to any news at all. Mind you, the last year has certainly made me pick apart the fear based headlines, and stop watching the main stream news.

The other day I caught part of Jeremy Vine on Radio Two.

We now have mutant issues, a Kent variant, and the Rona being called a disease. When did that happen? I thought this was a virus? Oh, it IS a virus, just a slip of the tongue? Or is it another subliminal wording to invoke more fear?

As I listened, they were talking about needing to BOOST IMMUNITY by having a jab EVERY YEAR. To boost immunity. Apparently, we will be all be less susceptible when everyone is vaccinated. Another Lockdown would only be necessary if the Vaccine failed. In other words, take it you idiots or you will have to keep going like this for EVER.....

I had to turn it off.... he really pushed my buttons, but then that's the whole point isn't it?

There is rarely any mention of boosting your own immune system with other means, and how we often have a bad flu season - and yes, I do understand that Sars-cov2 is different from the usual flu, but isn't it interesting that there have been no 'normal flu' cases documented this year? Don't get me wrong, if you read the last blog, you will know where I stand on the subject, and I do have family members and friends who have had it.

I know! I should have learnt my lesson.....

When I switch off from the Mainstream, I feel SO much better. I can raise my energies and breathe deep. Not being drawn into the fear and drama, knowing that this is all a process. I remember that we are meant to be here to experience this, and everyone's experience is different. That's what being human is all about. It's about not judging others for their choices, and living with compassion. This is extremely difficult when there are people close to you who believe the complete opposite to you. It's not the same as liking different TV programmes, sport, or foods.

It's a massive test and it's all about letting go.

Trying not to push your beliefs on others when they are so polarised is really hard. It's about standing your ground, whatever your beliefs may be. It's part of your human journey. You may be the only person in your family who thinks a particular way, and that's really hard. It's about not being made to feel guilty about your choices because they aren't in line with others - even if it's with the ones you love. Or should I say, it's about not allowing yourself to feel guilty! I've been through that phase.

You may be the only one in your street or town who believes strongly about something. Just because you are the only one, doesn't mean you have to change your mind. When you know deep inside what feels right for YOU, you stand your ground even more.

This could relate to anything. It's about not being attached to your emotions, outcomes, desires, beliefs. Stopping the attachment to these things will make you feel a whole lot better. We need to be detached from things in this material world we live in, and rise above. Look down on what is happening like watching a movie. When you do that, your whole perception will shift.

Emotions are just energy.

Emotions are created for you to feel them within your body, and that's ok, because we are human. We have labelled fear/love/hate/ as EMOTIONS because we are human and we label things, but these things are just energy. How do you FEEL when fear comes in to your day? Dark, heavy and sad? You are more likely to lower your immune system when you are living in fear.

The emotions of joy/love/happiness/gratitude are a completely different vibration.

Switch if you can. Laugh about it if you can!

Stop spinning in anger and rage. I was listening to Lorie Ladd the other day, saying that when we feel rage, we attach ourselves to it. We wallow in the emotion. We explode and want to know why, why WHY! On the flip side, when we experience joy and love, we allow the feeling to move through. We don't attach to it, because it has a different vibration. We feel happy, allowing ourselves to be in the moment of happiness, and it just flows.

When we feel anger, it spirals. Think about the he analogy, 'you're beginning to spiral'.

I'm just telling you how I feel.

This is a personal blog linked now to my energetically created art, it's not designed to tell people what to do. I've had an interesting emotional week, where I have been able to notice the energies, and thankfully do something about it. One thing is for certain, I don't listen to Radio2 at lunch time anymore!

Look at UK Column News and their three times a week broadcasts, if you want a different perspective away from main stream media, for many things, not just the rona. Although you won't hear them calling it a disease!


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