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Juicing or Blending? Find the one that works for you.

I juice everyday. Every morning. It ensures I get my ‘five or more a day.’ More vegetables than fruit and straight in to my tummy. All those super enzymes, vitamins and minerals. When I started juicing there were no Nutribullets. Just juicers. There is a place for both, but personally, first thing in the morning, I like a lovely clean juice. Not a jug of pulverised baby food. It’s personal choice!

I’m often being asked by those on FaceBook and Twitter for help get them started, so here is some easy information all contained and updated for you. I used to recommend certain juicers to clients but there are so many on the market these days, it’s best to do yo

ur own research, but aim to spend between £80 and £100 if you want it to last. A fast easy to clean centrifugal juicer like this one from Phillips will suit most households. It’s a good size for small kitchens and a great price at the moment.

I now have a slow masticating one from Retro Juicers, that gives cold pressed juice. More parts to clean but I get more juice, and it’s great for spinach. No need to squish leafy veg in to a ball or between apples. Some say it takes too long to clean, well I’ve tested it. seven minutes from fridge to draining board. It is true, that the older models did take longer, but with these new ones? Well, if you can’t spare seven minutes of your day for a healthy start then thats a shame!

I don’t live on juice!  It’s an addition to my lifestyle and I love it!

I’m always being asked, ‘Why don’t you just eat it all?’  Well,  because people just don’t eat the volume of fruit and veg they need. My personal programme of day to day healthy eating would be a ‘Ginger Shot’ first thing, then a herbal tea followed by a bigger nutrient packed juice. Sometimes,

I just add the ginger shot into any other juice to save time.

I also add ginger shots to my treatment menu for clients booking any detox treatments at Wayside House. Start or finish a seaweed treatment with a super shot of digestive ginger!

Two great easy to manage morning juices:

1) Small beetroot, small parsnip, one carrot, 2 apples, then ginger, turmeric (about a thumb tip  of each), and a slice of lemon. I also love lime! Personally I don’t juice oranges, but you could add an one to the above selection if you wish. Remember to always peel the orange first with a potato peeler or very sharp knife. Leave the pith on, just take off the rind.

2) Two apples (or pears), a stick of celery, small amount of broccoli – about the size of a tablespoon. A handful of spinach or kale, and when in season some cucumber with the usual lemon/lime, ginger, and turmeric. If you find it too bitter, add another apple. Yes, it’s green. It’s nature. You are drinking it instead of eating a plate of greens. You can eat greens too in your meals. This is an addition, not a replacement. You still need fibre. The only time I advocate a full juice cleanse is if a client needs a little re-boot or has been quite poorly.

Be sensible, it’s not an exact science with measurements. I personally don’t eat cucumber in the winter as it’s too cooling to my system, but if you like it, try it with the beetroot recipe. If you hate celery, leave it out. Play about a bit, and don’t give up just because you didn’t like the colour!

Recipes in books are a great guide, but you will find your own way. The basic rules are – The greener t

he juice the more Chlorophyll it contains, and the more alkali it is. A powerhouse of cancer reducing nutrients – research has shown that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkali body.  I like my first juice of the day to be a green one, but sometimes I have a beetroot based one. It was the fuel of Olympians! A superb pre-exercise drink to help oxygen be released from cells ( but you need to add sweeter fruits so carrot, parsnip and apple go well with it)

Find a routine that suits you. Look at the different ingredients. If you cook you will understand how different flavours blend together. Juicing should be enjoyable. If you really don’t like something, leave it out. You will soon become more interested in which veggies hold different vitamins. Eat fresh, and organic if you can. No fridge scrapings please!

You will know by now that I am a huge fan of  Jason Vale, so please have a look at his website for recipes and help with which juicer is right for you. Everyone is different.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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