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Keep to your own pathway.

Sometimes we think we may have strayed from our path, just because we aren’t achieving the things we think we should be. Social media is partly responsible for this, but we have always as a human race, often wanted what others have. The grass always being greener and all that jazz. Your pathway is individual although it may often look the same as another.

Your path is unique. Just as your mannerisms and fingerprints are unique. Your path in life will often cross another persons. (Where do you think the saying comes from?) You may cross others, or run parallel, so you can see what they are doing. You still continue along your own. It’s unique to you.

For me, my path has always been one that opens up to a little pool where I can share things with others. It’s what I do. I’m only human though, and I sometimes wonder if there is more to my own life than I am experiencing, as it seems to have levelled out quite a bit, with nothing obvious on the horizon. It’s not until I look back and see the path that has brought me to where I am now, that I realise I am doing what I am meant to do. If I want more, I need to look ahead at the path and plan my route a little.

Everything that we have achieved in our lives are our own experiences. Others may have the same issues or the same jobs, cars, hobbies and holidays, but every person experiences these events in a different way, making them unique. You are unique. You are a unique human being. A human, who is BE-ING.

Everything that you are experiencing has come to you and no one else. You may have a similar experience to another, but it’s all about how you choose to deal with it. Not just dealing with the rubbish things that can happen, but how you feel, and how you appreciate the good things going on around you.

Things don’t need to be showy.

Not everything in life has to be a big shout out. I’m often seeing people on Face Book telling the world about the big holiday they have funded through this and that…..It only seems ‘showy’ when you start to compare. Comparing is a human trait. If you want more of what they have, do something to get yourself there, rather than judging them for what they are doing. It’s their path remember. Jealously is an emotion I steer well clear of. It can eat you up!

Change direction.

If you don’t like where you are going, you can change direction. It’s still the same path, it just goes a different way. Sometimes you need to rest a little and reflect. Heal yourself a little, and allow yourself to recalibrate. A bit like putting your car in for a service. Taking some time to be quiet and shut off the world of what ifs, and if onlys. Playing the what if game is exhausting. If you don’t like it focus on what you do want. Not what you don’t.

This is a great time to be here on the planet.

We live in a time where there is so much written about spirituality and healing that it’s quite easy to reach out and find something to help you move forwards. Healing your wounds and living your life as a good human being is the most amazing thing to do. Living with integrity, spreading happiness where you can, showing kindness to all living things, are all parts of our pathway through life.

Reasons and seasons.

People come in to your life for a reason, a season, or sometimes a lifetime. I have clients who have remained with me for many years, others dip in and out and find me again when they need me, while some just visit once and it’s all they need. Or maybe, I’m not what they need and they move on! I used to anguish over this in my younger days. I used to worry when clients moved on to another therapist, and I’d think I had done something wrong. There are plenty of clients to go around. Becoming precious and panicky won’t bring any new ones! I used to teach this to my staff when I had a couple of salons. People will come in to your life to you to offer you something.

People come along your path for a reason, a season or a lifetime… and sometimes all three.

Remember Woo Woo Land?

The universe doesn’t like a vacuum, so when there is space, it will be filled. No need to panic. Embrace the space and manifest amazing things. If you come from a space of panic and worry, you will just be given more panic and worry. Remember the Law Of Attraction? Remember that although everything can look pretty grim sometimes, but if you practice a little mindfulness, stop and see where your path has taken you, you will be able to move forward. If this is all new to you, and you haven’t read it yet, you may find this book an easy start to map reading along your path.

Always walk your pathway with love and with gratitude for the experiences you have had. You are a spiritual being in a human body and you are meant to be experiencing all sorts of things. Take a moment to notice that. In fact, take a big moment – you are AMAZING!

We are often guilty of thinking we need to be something we are not, when what we are is actually pretty amazing, but we are too consumed by what we think we should be doing, to appreciate what we really do.

I’m happy to share your path for a while, or throw a few nougats of help across the road for you to use along the way. Everyone needs to ask directions at some point in their lives, but it’s only you who can take the step in the direction you choose!

Inspiration for this post came from Kate Spencer. The synchronicity of the universe at its best. I had drafted part of this, when a great post popped up on her Life and Soul Academy on Face Book. A pathway marker! I love those signposts.


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