Lets talk about constipation and IBS

Yep, let’s discuss poop. I’ve always been a three times a day girl. In the morning. If I only go twice, that’s ok. If just the once I feel unfinished, and heaven help us if I don’t go at all. Major grumpiness! Constipation can be a problem for many with varying degrees of blockage, and us Brits hate talking about it!

I have always enjoyed my morning ablutions. A way of getting rid of the residue of food your body doesn’t need. After it has taken out all the nutrients what remains is the poo. The consistency varies depending on your diet. Back in the 90s Gillian McKeith became famous for her book ‘You Are What You Eat’. As a salon owner always looking for the underlying reason why a client would have a problematic skin, this book was quite a breakthrough. It caused a bit of a stir too, as Gillian didn’t mind talking about the consistency of poo either. As Brits, we are rather stuffy about such chat.

No one likes being asked about their ablutions.

There are so many more holistic therapists, nutritionalists and naturopaths out there these days, and lets face it, we all know so much more than we used to, with the advent of social media and the #EatClean campaigning, we are much more aware of how our bodies can get blocked and sluggish. We often blame a day of ‘not going’ with too much white bread, pasta, or pizza. We say we feel bloated and we then grab a handful of seeds and nuts to push things along a bit. If we only just ate a balanced diet we would stay ‘regular’, but lifestyle can upset things and sometimes we have a few days of blockage!

It’s those plane journeys that upset me!

For me, travelling does it. Total stop in all systems. If I don’t go, then I’m not hungry either. Grumpy and needing nutrients. Not good! It can be caused by the time difference, not being able to use a clean loo at the time your body is used to or just different food from different cultures.

Travelling through airports causes all sorts of issues from eating fast food, and food we aren’t used to in. The drying environment on the plane also causes dehydration. If you don’t drink enough water your poo will be dehydrated and it gets stuck! Simple really.

Some people who travel a lot get used to a constantly changing routine and can just go as and when they need to. My husband can do that. Lucky. For me, being a three times every morning girl, I take a day or two to adjust. Like he says, ‘you don’t travel well do you?’.

If your skin is congested, then so is your bowel.

The elimination of waste is so important for general health and for me from a therapist point of view, for the skin! That’s why one of those questions on your consultation form relates to your bowels. People often find it odd that I ask, but if skin is congested, it’s more often than not caused by a congested bowel. The skin is a massive organ in your body, and it’s on the outside. It eliminates waste too, so anything not being pooped out can come out of the skin.

There are tips to keep things moving when travelling:

  1. Drink more water.

  2. Consciously eat less processed food a couple of days before travel. (That is if you eat any normally)

  3. Up your fibre before you travel. Have an extra apple or even a few prunes, or take some muesli bars with you.

  4. Yoga. This really helps. Seated twists will help squeeze the gut and encourage it to keep on moving!

  5. Breathe. Deep breath work w