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Mercury is in what?

I’ve never really paid much attention to where the planets are and what they are doing…. I know when a full moon is due and pop my stones and crystals outside for a little burst of energy, but I’ve never been ‘into’ astrology. It’s not really my subject.

However, the more aware and awake we become, the more we as a race are beginning to notice changes within the cosmos and how it can affect our mood and personal circumstances. So much to learn, so much to read up on, and I have found over the years that I am much more sensitive to planetary movements and changes. Maybe since the advent of social media we are seeing more and more about the latest Lunar Eclipse, or when Mercury is in Retrograde (appears to move backwards due to an optical illusion), or maybe we are actually feeling it more.  It’s always been there. We are just waking up to it and becoming more sensitive.

So this weekend I noticed all sorts of things going on….we have had a solar flare and a lunar eclipse is due tomorrow…we have old Mercury in Retrograde which apparently means it plays havoc with electrical appliances and makes you very very grumpy! It can often take you a few times to get things ‘right’ and they used to say not to sign important documents during this stage in a Mercury Cycle. Personally I have noticed that my computer has being ‘playing up’  and taking forever to start. My credit card terminal in the salon refused to take customer not present transactions and it took me half an hour and five phone calls to get through the the department that could help me. Meanwhile money that I needed to transfer ended up in the wrong account. Twice. I have had misunderstandings and despite being ‘impeccable with my word’ other people have been flying off the handle leaving both parties to make assumptions…. causing great (unnecessary) friction!

So what should we do during this time? If we all down-tooled during this time the planet we would probably grind to a halt as it happens three or four times a year and goes on for an eight week cycle!

My suggestion is to listen to your body and notice how you feel. Switch off your PC and take some time in nature. Be aware but don’t fret about it….and try not to blame everything that goes wrong on the planets! Change the way you think. Nurture yourself. Take baths…. do Yoga. Become grounded…. SLOW down.

Take time to look inwardly and realise how vast and amazing this universe is.

Become awesome!

This is a perfect time to rebalance. Book a massage. Look inwardly and just BE.



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