Mindful Autumn Days at The Langford

‘Don’t think too much or you will create a problem

that wasn’t even there in the first place.’

Through my years of working in the field of holistic therapies, I have found that many clients are in need of some tips and tools to help switch off those annoying thoughts that can eventually manifest as stress and disharmony within the body. This disharmony is usually presented to me as pain or tension in the body with clients asking for a massage to ease the pain away!

Mindfulness is the new buzz word…. but actually it’s something that has been around for many years. It’s not new, but people are becoming very receptive to it as it’s a way of de-stressing without the worry and the out of depth feeling that comes with learning how to meditate by sitting on a mossy hillock somewhere! Not everyone wants to learn yoga or go on a vegetarian retreat….but they need something to help balance the stresses of 21st Century living.

How do you do it? What is it? Do you need it?

Many people are being sent on Mindfulness by their GP and have amazing results. These courses that run over a period of 8 weeks as an evening class, and are hugely successful, but not suited for everyone due to the time commitment required. The Workshop Day I have developed is held at the beautiful Langford House in Somerset and is designed for those who would like an insight into Mindfulness. A way to work with your breath. To be able to recognise stress within you body and deal with it in a gentle way.