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Move away from the things that zap your energy

There’s a lot going on that can zap your energy. I like to think that I connect with people through my work and social media with love and attention. I’m not an unkind person and I always view the world in a positive way.  As I get older it becomes clear that people come and go, and some are meant to challenge us so we can grow. Some energy zappers are there to kick us into realising what they are, and allowing us to know what to do about them.

Do you have holes in your bucket?

There is a great analogy of having ‘holes in your bucket’. I heard Kate Spencer on Face Book talking about it, and I loved the way it was explained. If you allow your energy to drain through the holes, you do not have enough energy left to give away to others who need it. In my job, I need a full bucket. So, my bucket has been stoppered up!

My ‘Face Book Cleanse’ has taken place.

Understanding what zaps you, and doing something about it is essential in this world of Cyber Space. You find that friends in ‘real time’ move away to different paths during their life. It’s the same with social media. People come in to your life for a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime. So don’t be afraid to move on. I did. I felt myself being bothered by what other people thought of me. Someone was making assumptions,  and was almost implying that I was undermining them. This shocked me to the core. It was, of course their perception and their problem. I had distanced myself from them, and cut some cords, but we were still connected on Social Media.

I really felt this change within my energy field.

Sometimes it is called a psychic attack, and often the person doing the attacking isn’t aware on a conscious level. I had to disconnect from them on Face Book and Twitter. It was quite a big step to press the button, but it had to be done. I gave thanks before I did so, by acknowledging that the relationship had come to an end, and I disconnected with a sense of need rather than a sense of anger. It would have been so easy to be vicious about it and retaliate, but I didn’t. I did email first to set the record straight and explain we needed to part ways.  The cords were then cut and I moved on.

Become aware. become present.

Love these doodles by

The more aware you are of your own energies and how you feel in the present moment, the more you will be able to notice when your bucket starts getting holes! Very often you lose energy on a day to day basis by just living. Eating foods that drain you and not staying hydrated. People connected to you will always want a little of your energy.

The more people you work with the more you end up giving away. When I work with clients, I use Reiki which is a self-replenishing energy system. Many people who work in giving professions such as nursing, teaching, caring or medicine, can find their energy is zapped at the end of the day. Finding a way to stopper up the holes in your energy bucket is essential.

Try making sure you have the following:

Nourishing wholesome food

Hydration with mineral water and herbal teas.

A daily meditation – even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Exercise outside in the fresh air.

Yoga – taking a moment on your mat and using your breath.

Regular treatments such as massage, Reiki and aromatherapy.

Interesting feelings

Surprisingly, I have GRATITUDE for the energy vampires who attacked me last week. They have allowed me to realise how it affected me, and enabled me to write about it and help others. So, as they say, it’s ‘all good’.

Be aware.

Understand how things work.

Move away from toxic people. You can’t fix everyone.

Have a read of this book – it may help a little! Mindfulness and becoming present is a tool we all need.


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