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Move with time.

Move with the times and time is indeed moving very fast. Is it an age thing? People say the year seems to go faster the older you get. I think it’s just your perception of life and time in general. We become more aware of the world around us, the seasons changing, and how our diaries run. When we are children, we have no real need for a diary, we just looked forward to the end of term! We didn’t even really pay attention to the actual date the term finished, but I guess our parents did as they were planning child care and the family holidays.

When you have a house and a job, you have bills and commitments. Things that need doing by a certain date and social engagements that need to be put in the diary. We then realise that there aren’t actually that many weekends in the year and before you know it, you are saying to people, ‘gosh, we can’t see you until the autumn.’

This is when you start to prioritise things. If you don’t book the holiday you want, you won’t get the flights you need or the hotel you have had you

r eye on. If you really want to book a monthly massage, procrastinating won’t help, you just have to do it. For me, I book two hair appointments in advance and four massages!

I always think of time flying by at this time of year as I’ve just ordered my new diary – I go with a mid year one to cover me over Christmas, without having to wait for the ‘new year’ ones to come out. Clients book ahead, as some like specific times, and the Friday afternoon slot is very popular!

Some of you may wonder why when I do lots of social media, I don’t have a techi diary system. The very simple reason is….I don’t like them. It’s only me here, so it’s my diary. I like to be able to write little lists and scribble notes. The scrolling up and down on a screen would drive me mad. When I had my salons we changed over to computer booking system which was great for the girls. It was useful for me too as it worked out staff commissions and we could barcode scan all the products. It was expensive to run, but for time management in a busy salon it was brilliant. For me, with the way I have chosen to work, I just like the paper and pencil technique. I do however have other techi tools like my credit card machine to save clients writing cheques! (So outdated…and so long to clear in the bank.) Some clients even just ping money straight into my account when ordering products to be sent to them, but as far as bookings go, I’ll keep it simple. Pencil and diary for me!

So, the new diary has been ordered. If you are one of those who are really organised, you can book right up to Christmas. Dates to note that I’m taking bookings for are:

Jane Iredale Make Up Events – 17th June and 29th September

Six places. One hour private one-to-one appointments with a professional Make Up Artist who can assess your individual needs and help you with anything from choosing the correct base, to learning how to apply perfect mascara. The session is tailor made for you. Remember, this is Make Up that is Skin Care. No charge! You just need to purchase some products.

A Day of Mindfulness & Relaxation at The Langford – Sunday September 10th 

Check the full details of this great day here.

I don’t put these on FaceBook as events as random people say they are coming and have no intention, which gives others the impression events are full! So, contact me the old way. Email… or message me!




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