Need some Turmeric in your diet?

I’m always interested in anything natural that can help health and wellbeing, and last year I discovered the powerful ways of the turmeric root. Turmeric in your diet used to be just in your curry powder. Looking like ginger, but more orange, you can now find this fresh rhizome in most good veg shops near the garlic, and chilli. Famed for anti-inflammatory properties I have been adding it to my morning juice every day.

There are many benefits of taking turmeric:

  1. Cancer fighting

  2. Antioxidant

  3. Antiseptic on wounds

  4. Pain Relieving

  5. Helps with gastric issues

The active ingredients

Research states that the active ingredient within turmeric – curcumin – is not easily absorbed by the body, due to it being insoluble in water, so juicing it is not ideal. It needs to be either heated, mixed with oil, or taken with black pepper – so the piperine in the pepper activates it making it more bio-available to the body.

As I normally take an omega 3 & 6 capsule with my juice, that covers the oil needed but I also grind some black pepper on the top. That may sound odd to those of you who don’t juice, but most of my ‘recipes’ are for vegetable based juices and not fruit laden smoothies, so adding it to carrot, parsnip, ginger, apple turmeric was quite nice. I’m sure that if you have a nutribullet it would just get whizzed in with everything.

Golden Paste

There is a group on Face Book – Turmeric Users Group – which has some great information and offers support for those starting to use this powerful spice. There are many posts about dogs and in particular, horses. However, pets won’t be able to take a juiced fresh turmeric dose, so I have learnt to make Golden Paste.

This is a clever way of combining ground turmeric, oil, and black pepper together in a paste that can be kept in the fridge, and either used in your pets food or added to your own smoothies, yoghurt or cooking. If you delve in to this in more detail, some people take a ‘dose’ three times a day like a medicine, as turmeric doesn’t stay in the body very long, so regular doses are required.