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New Products!

I am honoured to have been asked to trial some new products from Repechage.

This is a stunning new Spa Line and I am impressed not only because of the ingredients and results, but also the prices! Repechage has been a big part of my life within the beauty industry for over 20 years. I have seen the company evolve and renew with powerful new products and treatments. I have seen them change to Paraben Free and full Eco Cert ingredients as well as working with DNA repair and new brightening facials to reduce pigmentation. The concept that seaweed has a similar molecular structure to your own body plasma means that ingredients are quickly and easily absorbed in the skin. There are many seaweeds throughout the world and the ones Repechage harvest from the coastline of Brittany have been proven to provide the highest quantity of vitamins an minerals due to their patented method of extraction. Needless to say, I can’t find another range on the market that gives such amazing results, so when new arrivals appear I am really excited!

The Triple Action Foaming Bath is my favourite new addition as it reminds me of the ‘old style’ seaweed bath. This was one of the first products from Repechage I ever bought, long before the words ‘Day Spa’ were on the high street. A true Thalassotherapy experience! This has been re launched as a foaming bath, which is much more luxurious! I love it! It has 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids and 42 trace elements. All absorbed in to your body giving you incredibly deep relaxation and detoxification. A seaweed bath is superb for people who are recovering after an a operation or chemotherapy. £38.00 for an amazing 750 ml After 20 minutes bathing in your full Home Spa experience apply the Triple Firming Body Cream to areas requiring a little help with tone and texture – thinking thighs!Two seaweeds, Chinese herbs and coenzyme A help reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is not a new product as it has been hiding in the range for some time, but as it has been in a bottle it was so hard remove every last trace. So tricky, that I stopped selling it despite the great results. So, I am over the moon that it has been re-branded in a tub!

Last but not least there is a Triple Action Nutri Cream.

This has added Glycolic acid to reveal younger looking skin. Combined with a selection of natural fruit oils this helps restore the skins moisture barrier. This can be used on areas of drier skin such as elbows and knees, but also on the face if you have dry and UV damaged skin. I haven’t been able to trial this one to it’s full potential yet as my elbows and knees are quite soft due to regular exfoliation! It does make a rather good foot cream though, especially when applied over night!

I don’t think it will be long before this little collection will hit my shelves, well, I hope not as I have a queue of people wanting the Seaweed Bath for a summer Detox!


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