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New Year – New You

I can’t help thinking about New Year before Christmas has even got to us…. It’s all the food! The constant relentless advertising by big supermarkets, the panic and queuing to buy ‘everything’ you may possibly need, and the inevitable waste afterwards. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having a great time with parties, good food and visitors. I am a good cook and love nothing more than baking mince pies and sausage rolls, but being aware of my body and the processes required for good digestion, I can’t help feeling slovenly already….just by watching the adverts! Having worked in the fitness and spa industry for the past 25 years the ‘New Year New You’ slogan is not a ‘new’ one. It is one that every diet campaign, spa, salon and gym uses year after year. Its pretty much fixed in time. December Eat. January Detox! This is not really good for the body. Lets go for BALANCE instead shall we? By all means eat the wonderful food….but just think…a lot of work is needed in January to get back to normal. Eat slowly, savour your food. You will eat less and process it more efficiently. Watch for hidden calories in those nuts and dips….and alcohol…..cream, biscuits…. Drink plenty of water and cleansing teas. Try mint teas after a meal to aid digestion. Skip the desert sometimes. If you are full…. you have eaten too much. Your tummy is like a washing machine. It will digest more efficiently if it is 2/3 full. Exercise…. take the time you have away from work to walk in nature. Get the circulation moving. Burn some calories…blow the cobwebs away.

Start Juicing….. a superb way to start the day with vegetable based juices to keep the body as alkali as possible for optimum health. If you have over-indulged it won’t take long to get back to your old routine. Give yourself a boost with a detoxing Treatment such as the Repechage Seaweed Body Mask or an invigorating Hot and Cold Stones with cleansing Essential Oils.

Enjoy yourselves, and don’t worry if you have over-indulged ….it just gives me chance to do more detoxing treatments on you all in the New Year.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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