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Out Out

I can't remember the name of the comedian who coined that phrase, but I'm sure he had no idea how much it would be used, especially after all these restrictions. Out-Out is more than just 'out'. It's proper out-out, where lipstick and higher shoes are deployed.

Last night, we went out-out too!

Somewhere we have wanted to visit for a while, but have had cancelled twice due to the Rona -

The Clock Spire at Mibourne Port near Sherbourne, was our first proper evening out in nine months.

I have been to a few pubs with my brother for lunches, mainly consisting of burgers or scampi, with lanyards round our necks and asking if we can give out phone numbers because we don't have the appy-thing.

This, was very different. I wore a dress, and slightly higher shoes - not always advisable when you spend your life in bare feet and walking boots - and I was out with MrH!

I rate restaurants on the non-alcoholic cocktails.

I don't drink alcohol, other than a very occasional Christmas sherry, and I get really annoyed when restaurants are all about pumping out the wines and cocktails, with only a small offering of ginger beers and elderflower concoctions for the non-drinkers.

Last night there were three lovely non alcoholic cocktails on the menu. So we were 'all good'.

There were no obvious QR codes to scan

Not that we have ever had the appy-thing, we just give our details, but they already had our number because we had booked a table. The code scan sign was there, but discreet. So we had none of that, 'Scan yourself in' stuff going on, nor were we told that the menu was on a QR code. Thank the Lord for that. I may have a smart phone, but I don't expect to go to a restaurant for dinner and scroll my phone for the menu. THIS was such a relief. We felt normal. Yes, there were hand sanitisers by the doors, but not on every table. The whole experience was amazing, and if you are vegetarian, there's more than just risotto on the menu! No paying extra for bread either, although it's obviously covered in the whole experience.

Courgette flowers, cheese custards and honey mousse.

I've never had a stuffed courgette flower, and it was delicious. The cheese custard MrH had as a starter was not what we expected, and was amazing. In fact, it was all amazing. The highlight for me was the dessert. Somerset honey mousse with elderflower sorbet and garden herbs. The detail in the presentation, the textures and taste with those teeny herbs - just sublime.

Food Porn Post Ends Here

This blog entry has revolved around food because I've missed it! We didn't go out a lot even before the weirdness of the last 18 months, but when we did, it was always a real treat. A chance to have someone else to cook. Just being able to choose from a menu for one night, and not have to think about a whole week of meals to cook while doing the on-line Sainsbury's shop was so good.

We didn't want to go out when things first opened, we wanted to wait until all the face rag covering restrictions had been lifted, and I'm so glad we did.

What have you missed the most?

Although I thought I wasn't really bothered about going out ever again - not because I was sacred of the Rona, more that I couldn't be fussed! - I realised that I had missed this. To see people enjoying food, not spaced apart by perspex screens and being told to remove the plates from trays themselves, was just wonderful.

Roll on Christmas when we will go back again!

What have you missed that you are still waiting to enjoy as the restrictions are lifting?

As always, thank you for reading. Enjoy August!



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